Thursday, June 25, 2009

Which is the Lesser Evil?

Which of these murders is the lesser evil? Which murderer is less guilty of the crime?

Thankfully there are still some decent people in Va.

Court upholds Va. abortion ban
The decision reversed a 2-1 panel ruling striking down the law, which is similar to a federal statute prohibiting a procedure in which the fetus is partially delivered, then its skull pierced and its brain destroyed.

"A partially born child is among the weakest, most helpless beings in our midst and on that account exerts a special claim on our protection," Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III wrote in concurring with the majority opinion

Neda's death on a Tehran street creates Internet icon

On Tuesday, President Obama called the images of Miss Agha-Soltan's death "heartbreaking."

"We have experienced the searing image of a woman bleeding to death on the streets. While this loss is raw and painful, we also know this: Those who stand up for justice are always on the right side of history," he said at a press conference.

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