Thursday, May 29, 2008

Radical Islam is filling void left by collapse of Christianity in UK:Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali

By Martin Beckford, Religious Affairs Correspondent

The decline of Christian values is destroying Britishness and has created a "moral vacuum" which radical Islam is filling, one of the Church of England's leading bishops has warned.
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Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali: Radical Islam is filling void left by collapse of Christianity in UK

Scientists warn of bird flu epidemic

A strain of bird flu has moved a step closer to developing the traits required to create an epidemic of the disease in humans, scientists warned on Monday...
Dr Terrence Tumpey, a microbiologist with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in Atlanta, Georgia, said: "The finding underscores the necessity for continued surveillance and study of these viruses as they continue to resemble viruses with pandemic potential."
The World Bank estimates that the financial cost of a pandemic could exceed $2 trillion.
The study appeared in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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Vatican reopens restored pagan tomb

By Daniela Petroff

Vatican has unveiled the largest and most luxurious of the pagan tombs in the necropolis under St Peter's Basilica, after nearly a year of restoration work.

The Valeri Mausoleum was built by a family of former slaves early in the second half of the second century, during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

The new tomb, which is one of 22 pagan tombs in the grottoes under the basilica, was shown to the media on Tuesday.
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Wow! The Catholic Church holiest of holy sits atop pagan tombs. How revealing of its true identity is that? Talk about skeletons in one's closet, in this case, in its basement - literally, historically, spiritually. What does it reveal about the origin and foundation of its doctrines and practices?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

European Parliament Bans Opposition

From the desk of Fjordman on Wed, 2008-05-28 09:01

The European Union, the "free trade organization with a few added extras," is officially turning into a pan-European dictatorship. The Daily Telegraph reports:

The European Union assembly's political establishment is pushing through changes that will silence dissidents by changing the rules allowing Euro-MPs to form political groupings.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Gift From Our Creator...God Gives us the Bible Sabbath Rest—

Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the Seventh day is the Bible Sabbath, for God never changed it!
In the Heart of the TEN COMMANDMENTS, God's Universal Law, Lies a Profound Mystery! You need to Know what it is!

The Fabulous 4th


Why is Sunday kept as a sacred day of worship, when there is absolutely nothing about Sunday sacredness in the Bible?

About 300 years after the last book of the Bible was written, the changeover was made.
Since March 7, 321AD the Roman Catholic beast has been attempting to convince Christians the world over that the 7th day Sabbath was "made for Jew" and not for MAN as Christ Jesus the Lord declared in Mark 2:27.
Truth is, just after Pope Constantine declared all Christians must keep Sunday holy instead of the Christian Sabbath of Saturday, he noticed some would not go along with his demands. So 11 years later another laws was passed by that same pope that made the true 7th day Sabbath ILLEGAL and punishable by DEATH!
All of the early martyrs were in fact Sabbath keepers.
Historians and leaders in the churches know the facts; you should too. Here they are—from the mouths of many religious and historical experts:

Historians & Church authorities explain how Sunday keeping arrived

Catholic church admits to doing as Daniel said the Beast would do

Other sources outside church agree Sabbath not changed by God

Quotes in and outside of Rome proclaiming Sunday can't be Sabbath

Forefathers of other faiths agree, the Lord did NOT change the Sabbath

Other Links:
Times & Laws changed by Rome!
Copy of actual letter sent by Pope Pius XI admitting Rome changed Sabbath
Evidence from the Calendar
The Mark of the Beast is about to be ENFORCED!
Historic facts of the Early Church keeping SabbathThe "Dios Domini" of Pope John Paul II
Sabbath History (A list of Historic facts of Christians through history keeping Sabbath)

Why not ask God about the Sabbath?
Mark of the Beast
Is our Modern Saturday the Sabbath?
D. James Kennedy's Sermon "The Gift of Rest" Leading the way to the MARK!

TRUTH PROVIDED NEWSLETTER: Sunday Laws: Is it a Bogus Prophecy?
TRUTH PROVIDED NEWSLETTER: More Sunday Laws Criminalizing Christianity
A film by Jim Arribeto "Maybe on Sunday" A docmentary drama about Sunday Laws.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Assassination of Pope John Paul 1

The Assassination of Pope John Paul I - Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India
Albino Cardinal Luciani was, in fact, elected Pope by the "Senate", ie the College of Cardinals, on August 26, 1978, soon after the completion of ...
Accordingly, when Pope John Paul I retired to his bedroom on the evening of September 28, 1978, clutching in his hands the momentous missives which would expose the Vatican's shameful financial flirtation with the Mafia and purge the Curia of those responsible, a number of very ruthless individuals had a great interest in seeing to it that he would never awaken to issue these directives
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Friday, May 23, 2008

Home price index posts largest drop in history

Home price index posts largest drop in history
By ALAN ZIBEL, AP Business Writer
A home-price index considered to be the most comprehensive reading of the U.S. market posted the sharpest decline in its 17-year history, and analysts say housing has yet to bottom out

Surging oil could deal blow to sputtering world economy

Surging oil could deal blow to
Article from: Agence France-Presse
May 22, 2008 03:00pm
THE latest spike in crude oil prices could deal a crippling blow to the global economy, analysts believe.

Crude futures this week soared past the level of $130 a barrel for the first time, having more than doubled in the past year.

The jump appeared to fulfill predictions from some analysts of a super-spike that could take oil to $150 to $200 a barrel.

The possibility of 150-200 dollars per barrel seems increasingly likely over the next six to 24 months," he said in a research note.

The reality of sky-high energy costs could mean a darker outlook for the US and global economy, by raising the price of a variety of goods and services.

The notion of a quick recovery in the struggling US economy would likely be put in doubt, and the rest of the world would suffer as well.

"A super-super spike would most likely put a stake in the heart of global economic growth," says Ed Yardeni, economist at Yardeni Research.
"A global economic downturn would be the most likely outcome, led by a longer and deeper recession in the US."

New EU treaty clears final legislative hurdle in Germany

New EU treaty clears final
© AP
2008-05-23 10:14:39 -
The German parliament's upper house has approved the new European Union treaty. The vote was its last legislative hurdle in the 27-nation bloc's most populous country.The so-called Lisbon Treaty easily won the necessary two-thirds majority in the upper house on Friday.
The chamber represents the country's 16 state governments. All but one lawmaker voted in favor.The lower house overwhelmingly backed the treaty last month.
Chancellor Angela Merkel has said it creates «no less than a new foundation for Europe.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cultivating Papal Worship

By NicholasMay. 14, 2008

Recently Roman Catholic publishers at Zenit organization released a flurry of letters to the editor wherein some people praised the pope as if he was a god on earth worthy of worship. The term "Holy Father" was of course used to blaspheme our Lord as is the case in all mainstream Catholic publications.

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Latest on Israel

Israel's birth a catastrophe: protesters

By Nasser Abu Bakr
Palestinians are planning protests across the occupied territories on the 60th anniversary of the "catastrophe" of the birth of Israel, as the Jewish state's army goes on high alert

Update on the Burma and China Disasters

2.5 million survivors in Burma need aid . Latest toll: 128,000 people dead
China quake toll tipped to pass 50,000

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Recent Disasters

China quake toll nears 10,000
The death toll from a massive earthquake in southwest China has risen to nearly 10,000, according to state media.

Burma: Dire warning as desperation grows

AID agencies warned yesterday the lives of up to 1.5 million Burmese cyclone victims could be in danger from disease if help did not reach them soon.

British aid group Oxfam said the death toll was likely to be 100,000, but could end up 15 times that from disease without clean water and sanitation.

Monday, May 12, 2008

British passports to have EU treaty stickers

British passports to have EU treaty stickers
Last Updated: 1:30AM BST 12/05/2008

British tourists will be asked to put stickers declaring the rights of European Union "nationals" on the back of their passports, it emerged on Sunday.

The European Commission has told the Government that stickers quoting the EU's founding treaty must be distributed to as many people as possible.
But the Tories have called the move another attempt to encroach on Britain's consular power and said the Government should tell the EU to back off.

William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, above, said: "Once again the EU is desperate to muscle in on passports. Our Government should remind them that British passports are still primarily Britain's business. The danger is that this is all part of a broader Brussels agenda to extend their control over how people are looked after abroad," he said.

"Now it's passports – next it could be visas and embassies."

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Israel is now close to being granted "special status" within the EU's neighbourhood policy,

EU congratulates Israel on its 60th anniversary and aims for ...
From Haaretz:"The European Union on Thursday also congratulated Israel on the 60th anniversary, with officials vowing to forge even closer ties with the Middle Eastern state.
The head of the bloc's executive, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, said Israel's significance for Europeans went "beyond normal forms of cooperation with a close neighbour."
"The EU and Israel are closer now than they were ever before," the commissioner said.
The commission chief noted that the EU and Israel were already cooperating on a range of issues such as climate change, counter-terrorism "and the fight against racism and anti-Semitism".
The EU is Israel's main trading partner and Israel is the only non-European country to participate in the EU's Research and Development programme, noted External Affairs Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Latvia, Lithuania ratify EU treaty

Latvia, Lithuania ratify EU treaty
May 8, 2008 10:24 PM
The parliaments of the Baltic states of Latvia and Lithuania approved the European Union's new reform treaty.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wall St dives on record oil over $123

Wall St dives on record oil over $123

By Ellis MnyanduReuters Wednesday, May 7, 2008; 5:35 PM
NEW YORK (Reuters) -
Stocks tumbled on Wednesday, on concerns about inflation and higher interest rates as oil jumped to a record above $123 a barrel.

Investors sold off shares of banks, home builders and companies dependent on consumer spending amid fears that rising prices will crimp demand and exacerbate fallout from the housing slump.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the Mediterranean Union is a European project.

Mediterranean Union not alternative for Turkey's EU aim

The Mediterranean Union project is an attempt to boost an action and development plan for the European Union, known as the Lisbon Strategy, Jouyet said...

The EU leaders approved in March a French plan for a Mediterranean Union aimed at strengthening cooperation with countries from Morocco to Turkey. The project is to be officially launched at a summit of European and Mediterranean leaders in Paris in July.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

EU Referendum Race Tightens in Ireland

EU Referendum Race Tightens in Ireland
(Angus Reid Global Monitor) -
Fewer Irish adults are voicing support for the proposed common European Union (EU) treaty, according to a poll by Red C published in the Sunday Business Post. 35 per cent of respondents would vote "Yes" in next month’s referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, down 11 points since February.
EU heads of state officially signed the European Constitution on Oct. 29, 2004. The project for a continental body of law was practically abandoned in 2005, after voters in France and the Netherlands rejected the proposed document in two plebiscites.

In October 2007, leaders of the 27 EU member nations reached an agreement on the Lisbon Treaty and Charter of Fundamental Rights. The Lisbon Treaty provisions call for the creation of new posts, such as a foreign policy chief, and a High Representative who will answer to EU governments and serve as vice-president of the European Commission.
The Charter will become legally binding in all EU member states except Britain, which negotiated an exemption.

The EU leaders would also choose a president of the European Council for a two and a half year renewable term. This will effectively eliminate the current six-month rotating presidency among member nations. The Lisbon Treaty also provides for the creation of a mutual defence clause, in case one of the member states is attacked.

If all countries ratify the treaty—whether through a referendum or a parliamentary vote— it will become effective in January 2009. Ireland, due to its internal regulations, is the only country that must hold a nationwide vote on the Lisbon Treaty, while other governments can decide whether they want to do the same. Irish voters will take part on the referendum on Jun. 12.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

EU, NATO must integrate all Balkan states and Ukraine

EU, NATO must integrate all
Central European summit pledges for further EU enlargement

OHRID, Macedonia:
The leaders of 19 Central and southeastern European countries agreed Saturday that European Union integration will not be complete unless all Western Balkan states are included...
The Central European Initiative was formed in 1989 to strengthen ties between the region and the EU. Its 18 members are Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Ten are EU members, three are official EU candidates and five have not joined the union.

EU plans international embassies

EU plans international
By Bruno Waterfield in Brussels
Last Updated: 2:31AM BST 03/05/2008

The European Union will open its own embassies under a plan critics fear represents a "power grab" by Brussels officials pushing for a federal superstate.

The secret plan represents the first time that full EU embassies have been discussed seriously.
The "Embassies of the Union" would be controlled by a new EU diplomatic service created by the Lisbon Treaty.

The Daily Telegraph has seen a high-level Brussels document discussing plans for a "European External Action Service" (EEAS) which was proposed under the new EU Treaty, currently being ratified in Westminster.

Talks have so far remained behind closed doors. Officials fear political fallout over plans to implement the new Treaty before it has been fully ratified.

Plans for the new foreign service have raised highly sensitive political issues by giving trappings of statehood to the EU and by fusing, for the first time, national diplomats with existing "eurocrats".

A vicious battle over who should control the diplomatic corps has broken out between national governments and the European Commission.

Countries such as Britain are alarmed that the EEAS, which is expected to take on some consular activities, would be a stepping stone to a single "supranational" euro-diplomatic service.

Major Arctic sea ice melt is expected this summer

Major Arctic sea ice melt is expected this summer

By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID, AP Science Writer Fri May 2, 9:12 PM ET
The Arctic will remain on thinning ice, and climate warming is expected to begin affecting the Antarctic also, scientists said Friday.

"The long-term prognosis is not very optimistic," atmospheric scientist Jennifer Francis of Rutgers University said at a briefing.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Round three of negotiations between the European Union and the Andean Community

Round three of negotiations between the European Union and the ...
Written by Eduardo Tamayo G.

Source: Alainet

The third round of negotiations for an association agreement between the European Union and the Andean Community (CAN), which take place between April 21st and 25th in Quito, began with a discussion of the asymmetries that exist between the two regions.

A Europe of blocs?

A Europe of blocs?
Mark Mardell
30 Apr 08, 12:01 AM

The French President nearly upset the EU apple-cart when he proposed a Mediterranean Union including EU and non-EU countries around that sea.

How far will the Poles go when they make proposals for a similar Baltic-to-the-Black-Sea Union?
The idea was a little noticed result of the European Council meeting back in March.
Then, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk suggested that if Turkey and the countries of North Africa could link up with the EU countries bordering the Med, it was only fair the East should
have the same opportunities.

Polish diplomats do not see their plan as ambitious as the Mediterranean, but argue that if the French, Italian, Spanish and Greeks can link up with countries in North Africa and negotiate with the rest of the European union as a bloc, then they should be allowed to do the same alongside Georgia and Ukraine.

I presume the link-up would be between the 10 former communist countries of the East and those six in the relevant European neighbourhood policy.

EU cracks door for Serbia in advance of vote

Serbia inches closer to European Union
With a fresh round of tight elections looming in Serbia, the European Union on Tuesday signed a pre-membership pact with Belgrade in a bid to help pro-Western forces avoid defeat by nationalists at the polls May 11...
The gesture could help turn the elections next month into a test of whether Serbia wants to join the EU - the world's largest trading bloc - or adopt a nationalist path more closely aligned with Moscow...
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