Tuesday, November 30, 2010

John Kerry calls for Israel to cede Golan Heights and East Jerusalem

By Josh Rogin The Cable


On a February trip to the Middle East, Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman John Kerry (D-MA) told Qatari leaders that the Golan Heights should be returned to Syria, that a Palestinian capital should be established in East Jerusalem as part of the Arab-Israeli peace process...

Kerry also said that final agreement would have to include a Palestinian state with a capital in East Jerusalem.


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Saturday, November 27, 2010

North Korea, China's Hidden Dagger

Warning Signs: North Korea, China's Hidden Dagger
by Alan Caruba

Reprinted in FULL

The Korean War ended in a stalemate in 1953. Having begun on June 25, 1950 with the blessings of Joseph Stalin, an armistice agreement on July 27, 1953 left the peninsula divided between the Republic of South Korea and the Peoples Republic of North Korea. How long ago was that? Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected largely on the promise to go there and secure an end to the conflict

By the time it was over the Red Chinese had intervened and American casualties were around 54,000 with 103,000 wounded. The North Koreans and Chinese were estimated to have lost ten times that number. The war was immensely unpopular with an American public that was still recovering from World War Two that had ended in 1945."

To his credit, President Truman did not hesitate to commit troops. Within two days after the invasion, Americans were fighting another war in Asia. The United Nations provided cover and the conflict was officially a UN action.

It was a proxy war, part of the long Cold War that had begun at the end of World War Two. The Chinese got involved when Gen. Douglas McArthur’s strategies put U.S. troops close to their border. He wanted to finish off not just the North Koreans, but the fledgling communist Chinese government as well. Truman relieved him of command after he neglected the fact that U.S. armies fight under civilian control in the form of an elected Commander-in-Chief and authorization from Congress.

In time, China for reasons of proximity and other factors became the power that controlled North Korea. Under Kim ill-Sung, known as the “Great Leader”, a Soviet protégée of Stalin’s, and his son Kim Jong-il, the “Dear Leader”, North Korea has evolved into the classic rogue nation. It was named one of George W. Bush’s “axis of evil.”

China provides life support for North Korea, the supplier of food and energy. In his 2004 book, “Rogue State: How a Nuclear North Korea Threatens America”, William C. Triplett II, noted that “communist China is central to all North Korean issues, from human rights to weapons proliferation.”

Whatever North Korea does is sanctioned by China. This fact has been largely shielded by U.S. policy from the American public. North Korea is known in diplomatic circles as “China’s hidden dagger.” The phrase is taken from an ancient Chinese military text called “36 Srategems.” It means the covert use of another country to annihilate your enemy. North Korea threatens South Korea and Japan, and by extension the U.S. which is committed to come to its defense.

American administrations have negotiated with North Korea and each has learned that they will not adhere to any agreement, using negotiations to secure bribes of all kinds, including one in which the U.S. agreed to build two nuclear facilities there! Recent news revealed they have increased their ability to produce nuclear weapons to the utter astonishment of U.S. intelligence agencies.

Its nuclear program was begun by Moscow and Beijing converted it to a weapons program. Triplett said that Beijing uses North Korea as a proxy distributor of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles to terrorist nations that include Iran and Syria. They in turn, provide weapons to their proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas.

Like Iran, no sanctions and no threats of military reprisal have ever had any serious affect on North Korea.

Writing during the George W. Bush administration, Triplett said “There is no endgame strategy. North Korean aggression and provocations still go unpunished.” Together, the North Koreans and China “have successfully bogged any progress in endless diplomatic meetings and conferences while North Korea’s nuclear research marches on.”

America is in no position to fight another war on the Korean peninsula and is dependent on China (and Japan) to purchase its securities to keep its economy functioning in the wake of the 2008 economic crisis. America’s manufacturing base has largely been undermined by the transfer of many of our industries to China.

Americans have largely forgotten the threat of communism.

The latest North Korean attacks are China’s way of reminding the U.S. of its dilemma and dependence.

The failure to secure a victory over North Korea in the 1950s, too much dithering since then, and too much distraction fighting recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have combined to render America a paper tiger who, despite our vast military power, will not or cannot pull the trigger.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

China, Russia quit dollar

By Su Qiang and Li Xiaokun (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-11-24 08:02"


St. Petersburg, Russia - China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar and resort to using their own currencies for bilateral trade, Premier Wen Jiabao and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin announced late on Tuesday...

Wen said at the press conference that the partnership between Beijing and Moscow has "reached an unprecedented level" and pledged the two countries will "never become each other's enemy".

Over the past year, "our strategic cooperative partnership endured strenuous tests and reached an unprecedented level," Wen said, adding the two nations are now more confident and determined to defend their mutual interests.

Read More

What does the Bible say about Russia and China?

Return of the Dragon: Other prophecies in Ezekiel 38 and 39 reveal that the armies of Gog (Russia) and Magog (eastern nations including China) will make one more attempt to ...

Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled : Satan will gather armies, from many nations around the earth, that bear the same rebellious attitude as Gog and Magog—two of the nations that fought against ...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Has U.S. Foreign Policy Ever Been This Screwed Up?

November 23, 2010
By Michael Filozof"
American Thinker

American foreign policy is in a state of total disarray. I don't think that our foreign policy has been in straits this dire since the early 1960s, when we rushed headlong from the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis straight into Vietnam. At least then our foreign policy was consistent in its anti-communism.

Today's is incoherent, counterproductive, and sometimes downright idiotic (e.g., when Hillary Clinton went to Russia to push the "reset button"). The Obama administration is either doing nothing to preempt the coming disasters or actually making them worse. It's time for a full-blown, radical reevaluation of our foreign policy.

Afghanistan: The Russians must be laughing their tails off watching the U.S. get stuck in Afghanistan, just as they did in 1979...

Iraq: Iraq had been a festering sore in the Middle East for two decades...

Iran:.. The U.S. has not had diplomatic relations with Iran for thirty years and has named Iran to the list of nations that sponsor terrorism.

NATO:... Today, NATO is an alliance without a purpose. NATO is a collective-defense alliance, meaning that American troops are committed to die for the defense of other members...

The Rest of the World: ...Japan,...China...Korea...Pakistan...Mexico...

An honest appraisal of the situation is downright depressing. In a few years, everything might come unglued. Hopefully that won't happen, but the current trajectory of things doesn't look very good, and our political leadership seems absolutely clueless about how to advance American interests in an increasingly dangerous world

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and watch this telecast:
Will America Cease to Exist?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Atom smasher 'on track' to recreate Big Bang!

Update 09/11/2010:
Mini Big Bang recreated

Scientists at the world's biggest atom smasher have recreated Big Bang conditions by switching the particles they use for collisions from protons to much heavier lead ions.

The Large Hadron Collider recorded its first lead ion collisions on Sunday and has since stabilised the twin beams sufficiently to start running physics experiments, said a spokeswoman for the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.

The collisions produce an effect that is as close as researchers have ever come to observing the state of matter moments after the formation of the universe, which is believed to have begun with a colossal explosion known as the Big Bang.

Full Story

05 November 2010

Scientists at the world's biggest atom smasher are stepping up their efforts to recreate the Big Bang that formed the universe, after breaking new ground ahead of schedule.

Sergio Bertolucci, the director for research and computing at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), says experiments are on track.

"The experiments are already providing an exciting glimpse of the new frontier," he said.

CERN says lead ions, which are heavier than the protons used for collision over the past seven months, will be accelerated in the machine for the first time, opening up an entirely new avenue of exploration.

They will probe matter "as it would have been in the first instants of the universe's existence"...

The 27-kilometre circular particle accelerator buried under the French-Swiss border has been recreating powerful but microscopic bursts of energy that mimic conditions close to the Big Bang.
CERN says it brought the record-breaking run of proton collisions in the giant $5.2 billion Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to a successful conclusion on Thursday.

Full Story

Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Time to declare war on the sugar daddy from hell and force behind Obama regime", says World Tribune

Jeffrey T. Kuhner
Special to World Tribune

George Soros is back. The leftist billionaire wrote a column this week calling for the legalization of marijuana. In the Wall Street Journal's op-ed pages, Mr. Soros supports California's Proposition 19, the ballot initiative that would legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana and its domestic cultivation.

Proposition 19 is a major step toward Mr. Soros' ultimate goal: the legalization of almost all hard drugs — including cocaine and heroin. This is a cause Mr. Soros has pushed — and bankrolled — for decades. It would take America closer to his vision of a European-style permissive social democracy.

The prevalence of drugs threatens the very fabric of our society, destroying the lives (and brains) of millions of Americans. It also fosters child abuse, domestic violence, crime, illegitimacy, AIDS and social breakdown. It is a public scourge whose use should not be encouraged or legally sanctioned, but eradicated.

The fact that legalization would result in more drug-induced deaths and higher addiction rates, especially among children and teenagers, means nothing to Mr. Soros. He champions the culture of death. Abortion, atheism, pornography, gay marriage, euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide — these are the issues central to Mr. Soros' progressive agenda.

Media elites pay little attention to Mr. Soros and his nefarious activities because they share his political philosophy. Hence, they refuse to shine a spotlight on his secretive, rapacious and immoral behavior. They are complicit in covering up his shady, manipulative and destructive business dealings and his extreme neo-Marxist views.

Mr. Soros is the sugar daddy of the Democratic Party and the modern left. His net worth is more than $7 billion. He is one of the richest and most influential men in the world.

Almost every major liberal organization, think tank or media outlet has been the beneficiary of Mr. Soros' largesse. The Nation magazine, Mother Jones, Media Matters, MoveOn.org, NPR and the Center for American Progress — all together they have received tens of millions of dollars from the financier. They serve as front groups and propaganda vehicles to promote Mr. Soros' brand of transnational socialism.

He has poured hundreds of millions into the former communist bloc. The former Soviet empire has thus become the Soros empire. Mr. Soros has worked behind the scenes to destabilize and influence governments such as Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia, Georgia, Kosovo and Ukraine. In the process, he has plundered countries' natural resources.

Mr. Soros is a liberal imperialist who seeks to erect one-world government. He is a rabid anti-capitalist. He favors high taxes, lavish public spending, welfare statism, massive redistribution of wealth to the poor and a tightly controlled international regulatory financial system. He despises nationalism and the West's Judeo-Christian heritage. His aim is to usher in a new global order — one based on scientific materialism and progressive social engineering.

He champions amnesty for illegal immigrants and erasing our borders with Mexico and Canada. In his view, religion, nation-states and the family are repressive, antiquated institutions that must be abolished. He is the enemy of democracy and America ...

The billionaire is fostering greater financial chaos to devalue our currency. Mr. Soros is betting against the U.S. dollar, attempting to undermine its value on the global markets. Destroy the dollar, and America's economic might goes with it...

The fact that Mr. Soros is the power behind the Obama regime reveals its moral and intellectual bankruptcy — and the depths to which liberalism has fallen. Rather than being a hero and benefactor, he should be an embarrassment to liberals everywhere. Moreover, he poses a clear and present danger to the republic and its founding values.

Entire Post

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

America Is Gone

October 24, 2010
by David Deming
American Thinker


...The country that many of us were born in has ceased to exist. And we have no one to blame but ourselves. Nothing can or will change until we come to terms with the grim reality of moral degeneration. And I have no hope that this can happen, save by some terrible trial...

Every day, the news brings a startling new incident of moral corruption. A few days ago it was reported that an eighteen-year-old geology student at Arizona State University had starred in an online pornographic film in which she performed "explicit and degrading" sex acts for a one-time payment of $2,000. The young woman explained that she needed the money to supplement her scholarship, and then inexplicably proclaimed, "I have morals!"

We are a nation of gluttons. About one-third of adults in the U.S are obese...

There is no better index for America's moral degradation than television programming...entertainment and instruction have devolved into shock and novelty. The networks are locked in a downward spiral to see who can provide the most outrageous and offensive programming. It's not their fault. They're just giving the American people what they want.

We are oblivious to the fact that our society is intellectually and artistically bankrupt. Modern art is not good enough to be bad...

Our popular music is a painful cacophony of obnoxious dissonance...We have advanced technology, but do we use it to uplift ourselves? No, we indulge the animal side of our natures. The internet is mostly used for downloading pornography or playing video games.

In America today, everyone is entitled to everything...Nobody is responsible for anything, and no one wants to pay the bills.

...everyone has the right to not be offended, and no one can be held accountable for anything...

We celebrate homosexuality and then wonder why sexually transmitted diseases are exploding...According to the CDC, men-who-have-sex-with-men make up only two percent of the population but account for 53 percent of all new HIV infections and 64 percent of all new syphilis cases.

...The nation that began with freedom of religion has progressed to freedom from religion, freedom from moral constraint, and freedom from responsibility...

It is only our blind vanity that lets us pretend that the United States can endure forever. Rome fell, and so will America. For all intents and purposes, it is already over.

Read the entire GRIM commentary

and more: "Our nation is leaking its secrets like a sieve"

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Friday, September 17, 2010

America will need another Ronald Reagan to reverse President Obama’s pitiful legacy of US decline

Nile Gardiner
telegraph.co.uk – Telegraph Blogs

The Obama administration is bracing itself for more bad news this week with the release of stunning census figures which are projected to show the biggest increase in poverty in the United States since the 1960s...

The new figures are an indictment of President Obama’s handling of the economy,...unemployment continues to rise towards 10 percent, and the housing market remains on a downward trajectory.

Added to this grim picture is a spiraling budget deficit which threatens America’s long-term economic prosperity. As I’ve noted before, the United States is drowning under a mountain of debt,...

Under the Obama White House, economic decline, feckless borrowing and towering debts, which will rise dramatically further if hugely expensive health care reforms are implemented, are combined with a flawed foreign policy and national security strategy which is leaving America weaker on the world stage and more vulnerable to attack.

From its decision to scrap Third Site missile defences in eastern and central Europe, to its failed policy of engagement with Iran and its timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Obama presidency is projecting dangerous weakness and compromise in the face of its enemies.

Ultimately, President Obama’s legacy to America will be the decline of a great superpower, weighed down by crushing debts and massive entitlement programs, and facing an emboldened set of adversaries, from Moscow to Tehran to Pyongyang. The damage inflicted by the Obama administration will ultimately be worse than the harm caused by the presidency of Jimmy Carter due to the scale of the long-term economic crisis now facing America.

Can this be reversed? Yes, but it will require a Herculean effort by a US president on the level of a Ronald Reagan, as well as a United States Congress that is willing to implement the free market measures and public cuts that will be needed to revive America’s economy as well as confront the budget deficit, and restore Washington’s standing abroad.

The United States needs strong leadership based upon its founding principles of limited government and individual liberty, and driven by a sense of American greatness and exceptionalism. Nothing short of a political revolution of the kind that swept both sides of the Atlantic in 1979 and 1980 is needed to secure America’s future and ensure it is able to lead the free world for the next century.

Read the entire article

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Latest Gallup poll: Barack Obama will need a miracle to avoid Jimmy Carter's fate Was Barack Obama the wrong candidate?

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Open letter to conservatives who back same-sex marriage

Posted: September 06, 2010
1:00 am Eastern"

Exclusive: David Kupelian on unintended consequences of pretending homosexuality is normal

...Prager goes on at length to catalogue the "wild" sexuality of the non- Judeo-Christian world, and shows, region by region, how the almost ubiquitous perversity and wanton sexuality, including homosexuality and sex with children, that has dominated most of the world throughout history – and which continues to this day in some areas – has served to degrade, subjugate and enslave entire cultures...

... Our sexual mores in large part determine our society's destiny.

...Now, fast-forward to America's founding: It's no accident that this nation has flowered more than any other in world history. But that didn't happen, my dear "libertarian-leaning conservative" friends, because the founding generation resented government, wanted lower taxes and wanted to be left alone. No, America flowered because it was steeped in a faith-based morality and a love of freedom that were wedded together into a rare and priceless alloy the world had never seen.

...I'll give Dennis Prager the last word: "The bedrock of this civilization, and of Jewish life, has been the centrality and purity of family life. But the family is not a natural unit so much as it is a value that must be cultivated and protected.

The Greeks assaulted the family in the name of beauty and Eros. The Marxists assaulted the family in the name of progress. And today, gay liberation assaults it in the name of compassion and equality.

I understand why gays would do this. Life has been miserable for many of them. What I have not understood was why Jews or Christians would join the assault. I do now. They do not know what is at stake. At stake is our civilization."

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EU Flexes Its Muscles

'Mission creep' fears surround EU watchdogs - Telegraph
The term 'mission creep' is more commonly linked to military action, but in recent days it has also become an appropriate expression for the fears surrounding the European Union's creation last week of three super-regulators for the finance industry."

No Bank Will Escape from Regulation: EU Officials - CNBC
"No one" will escape sensible and intelligent regulation and supervision in the financial sector, Michel Barnier, the European Union Commissioner for financial services has warned in an interview.

BBC News - Anglo Irish Bank woe set to be EU problem
"...the European Union (EU) rules on state aid mean the European Commission has the final say on what happens to this failed bank."

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coming Elections Will not Undo Obama Carnage of USA - Lame Cherry

Lame Cherry

The coming elections as this blog had warned years ago is not going to fix the destruction B. Hussein Obama has inflicted upon America and her allies.

Bankruptcy, massive debt, Brzezinski Islamic terrorism, Putin and Chicom aggression, Persian Islamocommunism, OPEC energy dependence, Narco Communist South American despots, a gutted US banking and production sector, with increasing problems in the agriculture division and Americans becoming more ill daily in poisoned food, are not going to disappear no matter if an 'undo Obama' law is passed.

The money is gone, the industry is gone and America is gone. That will not change in a GOP take over and it will not change if Obama is in prison or in the White House.

The chessboard is a region of exploiting weakness to one's advantage. The advantage in all of this was put into play by the European cartel financiers as they have a purpose to rule the world again from a European empire with Jerusalem as the capital...

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Court halts Calif. gay marriages pending appeal

Reuters – A man opposed to same sex marriage carries signs outside City Hall prior to a judge lifting the Proposition

Court halts Calif. gay marriages pending appeal - Yahoo! News

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Foretaste of What's to Come?

1. Fined £150million for failing to fly the EU flag: Now British firms are told how to fight back

By Simon Mcgee
Daily Mail Online

Companies receiving European grants must display the EU flag logo on their buildings, posters and websites or face being forced to pay back funding.

2. New EU ambassador in Washington claims transatlantic authority - Telegraph
By James Kirkup and Robert Winnett

The new European Union ambassador to Washington has suggested that he will speak for Britain on foreign and security policy in America...

Joao Vale de Almeida was this week formally installed as the EU's ambassador to the US, and suggested that American officials should regard him as their first point of contact for transatlantic discussions...

The new ambassador claimed to now be 'leading the show' among European representatives in Washington. The prospect of an EU official speaking for the UK to its most important ally has angered eurosceptics, who said it shows Britain's waning influence...

Mr Vale de Almeida has stressed to Washington officials and politicians that under the EU's' Lisbon Treaty, he has more power than his predecessors. 'I'm the first new type of ambassador for the European Union anywhere in the world,' he said. 'I'm supposed to have a wider mandate than my predecessors.' Mr Vale de Almeida said: 'Our delegations now cover a wide spectrum of issues well beyond the economic dimension, trade dimension and regulatory dimension, to cover all policies in the union, including foreign policy and security policy...

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The Beast of Revelation: Myth, Metaphor or Soon-Coming Reality?
Prophecy Fulfilled: God's Hand in World Affairs
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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Homosexual Hoax Means Illegal Special Rights For Perversion

By Rev. Lainie Dowell
Voice Ink

How does anybody go about convincing an entire nation to turn away from all that they know to be true, Godly, and for the general health and welfare of a cohesive society?

...why would there be so much confusion across this country and their not standing against homosexuality?

Read Entire Commentary"

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Will Washington's failures lead to second American Revolution?

Ernest S. Christian and Gary A. Robbins / Investors.com
World Tribune — Daily Brief

The Internet is a large-scale version of the 'Committees of Correspondence' that led to the first American Revolution - and with Washington's failings now so obvious and awful, it may lead to another.

People are asking, 'Is the government doing us more harm than good? Should we change what it does and the way it does it?'

Pruning the power of government begins with the imperial presidency.

Too many overreaching laws give the president too much discretion to make too many open-ended rules controlling too many aspects of our lives. There's no end to the harm an out-of-control president can do.

Bill Clinton lowered the culture, moral tone and strength of the nation - and left America vulnerable to attack. When it came, George W. Bush stood up for America, albeit sometimes clumsily.

Barack Obama, however, has pulled off the ultimate switcheroo: He's diminishing America from within - so far, successfully.

He may soon bankrupt us and replace our big merit-based capitalist economy with a small government-directed one of his own design.

He is undermining our constitutional traditions: The rule of law and our Anglo-Saxon concepts of private property hang in the balance. Obama may be the most "consequential" president ever.

The Wall Street Journal's steadfast Dorothy Rabinowitz wrote that Barack Obama is "an alien in the White House."Full Text . . . ."


and: The case for impeachment: Obama's socialist takeover must be stopped

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Monday, July 26, 2010

And the sea turned to blood…

By J. Charles Ogwyn
Saturday, July 24, 2010


“Then the second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it became blood as of a dead man; and every living creature in the sea died.” This is what the Apostle John saw in vision and recorded in Revelation 16:3. Many have noted the eerie sight of the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico appearing as blood upon the sea. Now another oil spill, this time in Dalian, China.

Has the second angel poured out the bowl of the wrath of God?"

"Don’t let what is coming catch you by surprise. To understand the future of the world and how it will impact your life, be sure to read our free booklet, Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Obama's Deadly Anti-British Agenda

Obama's Deadly Anti-British Agenda
By Adam Shaw
American Thinker

This week's meeting between President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron could kill off the US-UK 'special relationship' if Obama continues to indulge his anti-British prejudices.

Obama's anti-British views may go back to his childhood. His grandfather -- Hussein Onyango Obama -- was involved in the 1952 Mau Mau Uprising against the British in Kenya. He was caught and sentenced to six months in a brutal high security prison...

Since Obama's inauguration however, it has been clear that ...Obama is deeply anti-British and is quite willing to show it.

It started with the infamous case of the Churchill bust...Obama returned the bust the minute he stepped into the Oval office. The symbolism was obvious -- Obama's America does not need Britain anymore...

Yet since then the air has turned even sourer. It didn't take a genius to realise that Obama would cool down the relationship with the British -- he is a huge fan of the European Union, and that was clearly where he would place his emphasis in diplomatic relations. Yet, his administration has gone from typically childish snubs -- such as Michelle Obama condescendingly treating our Monarch like a cute little old lady -- to outright hostility.

Nile Gardiner notes that there has been at least ten major anti-British incidents since Obama took office. In addition to the President not once referring to the 'Special Relationship' in his speeches, failing to acknowledge British sacrifice in Afghanistan, and consistently refusing
to meet with the Prime Minister, Obama's administration has refused to acknowledge British sovereignty of the Falkland Islands (where 258 British soldiers died defending it in 1982), mocked the British press, and undermined British influence in NATO by apologizing to France. To top this barrage of insults off, Obama's State Department responded to criticism that the President was ignoring Britain, by describing the President as 'overwhelmed' and reminding
the British,

There's nothing special about Britain. You're just the same as the other 190
countries in the world. You shouldn't expect special treatment.

At the moment, these childish attacks by the Obama administration are just hurting the British. Yet it could also hurt the American public...

What started off as petty snubs from a petulant President has rapidly turned into a diplomatic crisis.

If Obama does not play ball with Cameron this week, and refuses to back down from his anti-British agenda, America's ability to defend itself from terrorist attacks may be weakened and its future ability to win wars may be damaged. In short, Obama's deep-rooted prejudices may cost American lives.

Read More

What America has Become

What America Has Become

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Barack Obama and His Glory Days Are Past

Canada Free Press
By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Americans are not quitters. Barack Obama and all of his thugs shall be ousted from the seat of government, because there is a meeting underfoot somewhere which will be sure to put them out of office...

In many corners of this nation and of the world, also, America’s darling child, Obama, has already worn down his phony welcoming smile and rambunctious swagger. The world has had a chance to take a good long hard look at our man in the White House and many do not much like what they see looking back...

After a mere—fully—a mere short time in office, Obama has found out how necessary it is for him to have had the right experience for such a huge responsibility...

Never in all my years have I witnessed such a blatant attack by any President of the United States of America to come down on the American people themselves. It is as if voters had brought in an outsider and handed him the reins while they tried to settle on a real candidate. And, that is just what has been done. That is, by those who had fallen for his spiel...

Democrats have changed our language and many Republicans and Independents in the church and out on the street corners have joined in to cheer them on. Democrats now speak of
... “morals” as being the right of a woman to murder babies in the womb,
....and they also encourage people to rush to bury the sick and elderly in an early tomb.
....They do not hesitate to call truth a lie and a lie their truth. They do not hesitate to call wrong right and right wrong. .
...In the same vein, they do not honor the physical differences that separate a male from a female person and a boy from a girl. In their mad rush to destroy America, they spew their ungodly perverse lifestyles in the pathways of our children’s young minds and teach them that whatever they want to do is perfectly all right because there are no boundaries and there is no accountability to anybody but to themselves.
...And then they legislate their filth into law, as if that makes it all right.

But it is not all right and anybody with an ounce of character, faith in God, and a little knowledge and wisdom ought not be ashamed or afraid to say we will not be deterred from God’s way.

If this is America, then we need to apologize to our forefathers and ancestors for what she has become. ..

Read the entire Editorial

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Calling evil good.

Monday, July 12, 2010

According to the British paper Daily Mail, “Prime Minister David Cameron will give his backing to an openly gay cleric who wants to become a bishop in a move that could threaten to split the Church of England.

Dr Jeffrey John, the Dean of St Albans, is on the shortlist to be the next Bishop of Southwark. But his candidacy could spark a civil war between the liberal and conservative wings of the Church of England.” African archbishops who are more conservative predict that this move by Cameron could tear apart the Anglican Church. Once Mr. Cameron supports Dr. John, the Queen will then be required to approve him (Mail Online, July 4, 2010).

Long ago, God prophesied against Israel, “You have wearied the LORD with your words… In that you say, ‘Everyone who does evil is good in the sight of the LORD, and He delights in them’” (Malachi 2:17). Mr. Cameron is just one of many leaders of Israelite-descended nations who have joined the ground-swell of opinion in support of making national leaders out of what God clearly calls sinners.

It is sad to realize that our actions as nations truly “weary” the great God of Heaven. God speed the day when the righteous will rule and our national actions will once again bring joy to our Father in Heaven.""

Calling evil good

Watch this: Tomorrow's World - Magazine and Television program-"Christian Babylon

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Obama OKs arms sales to Arab League states

World Tribune

The White House agreed to requests worth $500 million by Egypt, Oman and Tunisia for air defense upgrade, aircraft and naval ship support as well as helicopters.

The Pentagon announcements of the Arab requests, which require approval by Congress, came hours after the White House said Obama would press for the extension of Israel's freeze on Jewish construction in the West Bank and most of Jerusalem...

White House aides said Obama would meet Netanyahu on July 6 amid enhanced Israeli-U.S. cooperation in intelligence, missile defense and security. The administration has not approved an Israeli request for offensive military platforms since Obama took office in January 2009.

Instead, the White House endorsed nearly $13 billion worth of Arab arms requests last year, and nearly $10 billion from Turkey.

Currently, the administration has been examining a request from Saudi Arabia for the sale of 75 F-15 fighter-jets as well as the modernization of scores of other aircraft. Officials said the deal was worth more than $10 billion and approved during the visit to Washington by Saudi King Abdullah in late June...

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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Good Life in Hard Times

By Rod McNair

God has given the American and British-descended nations great blessings over the years. But now, as those blessings are dwindling, what can be done? The good news is that God shows His people how to live by His Way, and to have tremendous blessings individually even in times of national crisis...

There are hard times coming. Bible prophecy shows that we are only at the beginning. Now is the time to get your financial house in order, and decide what you will really want. Money? Possessions? An endless cycle of acquiring and consuming?

Or will you let the Great Recession drive you to your knees to forge a new and profound relationship with your Maker?...

A Century of Blessings...

Fool’s Gold...

Calm Assurance in Chaotic Times...

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How Could I Possibly Know?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Character Deficit
By Steve McCan"
American Thinker

When the framers of the United States Constitution completed their work in 1787, they acknowledged that the success and future of the republic as established by that document was dependent on the honor and integrity of its leaders and citizens. As John Adams wrote: 'Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.'

Today, the Obama administration, the majority of the members of Congress, much of the Judiciary, academia, and the media represent the culmination of the degradation of ethics and character, which has put the United States in the nearly inevitable position of joining the annals of the rise and fall of great nations...

The seizure and preservation of power was made possible by promising the American people economic security in exchange for their votes. Society and government thus began the long, steady process of compromising the age-old standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity, which are based on Judeo-Christian teachings...

In the field of education, it became a requisite to teach that there are no absolutes and no moral or ethical guidelines except to do whatever makes one 'happy...

The mainstream media, once the watchdog of government wrongdoing, has been captured by ideology, lifestyle, and the need for celebrity status...

To all these groups, truth and facts have become casualties replaced by outright lies or obfuscations euphemistically referred to as 'spin.' This gradual degradation of integrity and ethical standards has allowed for the acceptance of a philosophy espoused by despots throughout history, one that forms the underpinning of the character of President Obama, his administration, a majority in Congress, and an unfortunate plurality among the general public...

Such people must be willing, as was President Obama, to lie to achieve their ends, like with the deliberate falsehoods, obfuscations, and manipulation of data that took place during the passage of health care and other legislation.

They must be willing to flout the rule of law and the Constitution, as President Obama did, in the takeover of General Motors, Chrysler, the banks, insurance companies, and the appointment of numerous 'czars' in avoidance of Congressional approval.

They must be willing to use the power of the government, as the president has done, to threaten, blackmail, and intimidate political and media critics, and to shake down private enterprise for support and financial contributions.

They must be willing through inconceivable but deliberate levels of deficit spending to place the country on a collision course with national bankruptcy, as President Obama is doing, in order to advance a radical agenda the citizens do not want or need...

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The Jews Being Scapegoated Again?

Israel and the Surrender of the West

One of the world's oldest stories is playing out before our eyes: The Jews are being scapegoated again."

The most interesting voice in all the fallout surrounding the Gaza flotilla incident is that sanctimonious and meddling voice known as 'world opinion.' At every turn 'world opinion,' like a school marm, takes offense and condemns Israel for yet another infraction of the world's moral sensibility. And this voice has achieved an international political legitimacy so that even the silliest condemnation of Israel is an opportunity for self-congratulation.

Rock bands...canceling their summer tour stops in Israel... A demonstrator at an anti-Israel rally in New York carries a sign depicting the skull and crossbones drawn over the word 'Israel.' White House correspondent Helen Thomas, in one of the ugliest incarnations of this voice, calls on Jews to move back to Poland. And of course the United Nations and other international organizations smugly pass one condemnatory resolution after another against Israel while the Obama administration either joins in or demurs with a wink.

This is something new in the world, this almost complete segregation of Israel in the community of nations. And if Helen Thomas's remarks were pathetic and ugly, didn't they also point to the end game of this isolation effort: the nullification of Israel's legitimacy as a nation? There is a chilling familiarity in all this. One of the world's oldest stories is playing out before our eyes: The Jews are being scapegoated again."

'World opinion' labors mightily to make Israel look like South Africa looked in its apartheid era—...

Today the world puts its thumb on the scale for the Palestinians by demonizing the stronger and whiter Israel as essentially a colonial power committed to the 'occupation' of a beleaguered Third World people...

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And: Arab to Jews: You cannot make peace with us

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The Middle East in Prophecy
Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled
The Bible: Fact or Fiction?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Obama, the Ungodly or an Implement of Divine Wrath?

The wrath of God is upon us because of Obama (the unGodly
Posted on June 9, 2010 by nobarack08
Nobarack08's Weblog

When the uneducated population in a sense hires an ungodly man to be their leader and that leader has done nothing but turn his back on God. God will not be mocked. No other recent political official has been touted as the next messiah...

...God surely is punishing this nation for turning our backs on him. We have allowed abortion, sexual deviancy, drug and alcohol abuse, the destruction of God’s divine provision of marriage and abolishment of the Ten Commandments...


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Does Ms. Thomas Speak for the Administration?

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Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ's Return

Prophecy Fulfilled: God's Hand in World Affairs

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why do Obama, BP refuse to use most effective method of oil cleanup?

Conservative Examiner

As the Gulf oil disaster closes in on the 50-day mark, the Obama Administration and BP refuse to use the most effective method of oil cleanup. The top oil barons of the world--the Saudis--have used this method to avoid a mammoth oil disaster.

And the result was swift, effective, and conclusive.

In 1993 and '94 the Saudis faced an oil spill of historic proportions in the Arabian Gulf as four leaking tankers and two oil gushers threatened to spur a catastrophic event that was 65 times worse than the Exxon-Valdez spill.

An American engineer, Nick Pozzi, was part of a task force charged with developing a solution to the looming disaster.

Pozzi had used various methods to clean up oil spills prior to this event. However, the time was short, and an effective solution was needed post-haste.

That's when Pozzi decided that the huge, empty oil tankers, sitting in the dock, could be used to simply vacuum up the oil right off of the top of the water.

The result was that 85% of the oil was recovered.

Pozzi believes that the tanker method is the fastest and most effective way of dealing with the Gulf Oil disaster, but no one in the Obama Administration or BP is willing to consider the idea.

Instead, they have insisted on using untested techniques, one of which involves the use of chemical dispersants manufactured and sold by a company in which Obama cronies, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Hathaway-Berkshire, and BP, are heavily invested.

That company, NALCO, is also one of the so-called 'green' industries that Obama and the Leftwing favor due to its development of water purification systems.

In an interview with Esquire, Pozzi stated the following:...

However, Esquire also reported that nearly FIFTY (50) super-tankers were sitting empty and ready to go, and on the cheap (BP Oil Spill Cleanup Costs - How Much Will Supertankers Cost BP? - Esquire)
The Obama Administration and BP have totally ignored them.

In fact, BP has curiously skirted around the super-tanker solution when asked about it by reporters ...


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and more:
Coast guard logs show gov't knew oil spill was devastating within hours


Energy - Oil industry insider: Second, larger Gulf leak could be releasing huge amounts of oil
The Daily Crux

Matt Simmons')latest claims, laid out in a Bloomberg TV interview Friday (May 28) appear to be nothing short of sensational.

Matt Simmons says “Top Kill” is a sideshow, misses the big problem of a second leak 5 to 7 miles away releasing up to 120,000 barrels/day. Simmons goes on to say we might need nukes to seal the leak"

Today Matt Simmons, one of the largest investment bankers in the energy industry appeared on Bloomberg. The chairman of Simmons & Co. INTL went on to explain that there is much more to the oil leak than the news has been reporting. Last Sunday, NOAA confirmed reports of a second fissure about 5-7 miles from the original. This new fissure appears to be releasing a plume the size of Delaware and Maryland combined! He went on to state that “the plume from the riser is minor thing… the best estimate is about 120,000 barrels of oil per day”.

Simmons is quoted as saying, “Obama could remove BP today… tell BP it is time to leave”. Some questions were also brought up that pertained to a nuclear device and how the military could lower one 18,000 feet into the well bore.

Simmons went on to say ” Such techniques have been used by the Russians on several different occasions".

From all of the best scientists who have thought about this in the past few days, probably the only thing we can do is create a weapons system and send it down 18,000 feet, detonate it and hopefully case in the oil.

That we would even have discussions about setting of nuclear explosions in hope they would accomplish something is certainly not encouraging to say the least.

A day after scientists reported finding a huge “plume” of oil extending miles east of the leaking BP well, on Friday a Louisiana scientist said his crew had located another vast plume of oily globs, miles in the opposite direction.

James H. Cowan Jr., a professor at Louisiana State University, said his crew on Wednesday found a plume of oil in a section of the gulf 75 miles northwest of the source of the leak.

Cowan said that his crew sent a remotely controlled submarine into the water, and found it full of oily globules, from the size of a thumbnail to the size of a golf ball. Unlike the plume found east of the leak — in which the oil was so dissolved that contaminated water appeared clear — Cowan said the oil at this site was so thick that it covered the lights on the submarine.

It almost looks like big wet snowflakes, but they’re brown and black and oily,” Cowan said. The submarine returned to the surface entirely black, he said.

Cowan said that the submarine traveled about 400 feet down, close to the sea floor, and found oil all the way down. Trying to find the edges of the plume, he said the submarine traveled miles from side to side. “We really never found either end of it,” he said.

This discovery seems to confirm the fears of some scientists that — because of the depth of the leak and the heavy use of chemical “dispersants” — this spill was behaving differently than others. Instead of floating on top of the water, it may be moving beneath it.

Simmons went on the say scientist are now convinced the last majority of oil is below, and often well below, the surface. June 1 starts hurricane season and they worry that a hurricane coming aground in the Louisiana / Mississippi area could “push” all the below surface oil on the beaches and even inland ...

Read full article
Sensational Claims By Matt Simmons About The BP Leak The Big Picture
By James Bianco

Energy - BP just spilled more oil

BP buys Google, Yahoo search words to keep people away from real news on Gulf oil spill disaster

BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill - Telegraph

Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill

Friday, June 4, 2010

'The Last Pharaoh?

By Wyatt Ciesielka
Tuesday, June 01, 2010

You will soon become familiar with Tirhakah. He was a mighty Egyptian pharaoh – a historic King of the South embroiled in incessant war with a historic King of the North. Tirhakah will again become famous largely because Will Smith (of “Men in Black”, “Ali” and “Hitch” fame) intends to star in a movie “of epic proportions” about him. But students of prophecy should be interested in Tirhakah for other reasons.

Tirhakah was the celebrated last Pharaoh of the 25th Egyptian dynasty – the Ethiopian dynasty, ruling circa 689 to 664 B.C. Because his glory was unsurpassed by subsequent pharaohs, Tirhakah is inaccurately called “The Last Pharaoh.” However, Tantamani, and the famous Cleopatra were pharaohs after him. And, scripture predicts a final pharaoh immediately before Christ’s return.

The Bible in 2 Kings 19:9 and Isaiah 37:9 record that it was Tirhakah who unsuccessfully attempted to repel the Assyrian hosts threatening King Hezekiah. But, his story should be of interest to students of the Bible, because the Egypt of Tirhakah’s past holds clues to Egypt’s and the Middle East’s future.

Around 740 B.C. Tirhakah’s father, Piye, invaded Egypt. At the time of Piye’s invasion, Egypt had fragmented into eleven feuding states governed by rulers of Libyan descent. This was the time of the Twenty-Second Egyptian Dynasty (circa 945-730 B.C.). Piye conquered and unified Egypt. His son, Tirhakah, ascended to a unified and powerful throne – rivaled only by the mighty Assyrian empire.

Initially, Tirhakah repelled numerous invasions by Assyria’s King Esarhaddon. However, by 671 B.C. the Assyrians overwhelmed Tirhakah’s forces, and Egypt was pillaged. Eventually, the Assyrians drove Tirhakah out of Lower Egypt, and his kingdom collapsed in 667 B.C.

After Assyrian King Esarhaddon’s death, Tirhakah returned to Egypt and routed the Assyrians. However, his victory was short-lived. Esarhaddon’s son, Assurbanipal, promptly set out from Nineveh and devastated Tirhakah’s armies. Tirhakah would flee all the way to his homeland of Nubia, where he remained until he died. He was buried under a 150-foot-high pyramid in Nuri, located in modern-day Sudan.

What is the significance for modern times?

While Tirhakah is inaccurately called “The Last Pharaoh,” scripture foretells a future pharaoh over Egypt (Isaiah 30:2-3). Scripture also foretells a future king who will rule over the consolidated peoples of Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan and much of the rest of the Middle East.

Tomorrow’s World has often referenced the prophetic passage of Isaiah 30:13, which indicates that modern Jacob’s fall will come suddenly, like “a bulge in a high wall, whose breaking comes suddenly, in an instant.” This same prophetic passage shows Egypt as a leading power during this time (vv. 2, 3, 7). When combined with passages such as Psalms 83 and Daniel 11, the indication is that Egypt will be part of, if not the leader of, this powerful end-time Islamic confederation located geographically south of Jerusalem.

As Tirhakah’s story illustrates, Egypt and Ethiopia have occasionally been under the same government. When one considers the story of Tirhakah’s rule over consolidated peoples, and understands that the ethnicities mentioned in Daniel 11 and Psalms 83 include the Egyptians, Ethiopians (modern Cushites predominantly south of Egypt), Libyans, Edomites, etc., the Bible’s warnings that this entire region will again rally around a strong leader just as it did under Tirhakah nearly 2500 years ago become easily understandable.

The Church of God has proclaimed for decades that the final King of the South will lead a confederation of Muslim nations located in the Middle East and North Africa into war against the final King of the North. This future King of the South will again) be overwhelmed by this future King of the North.

Watch events in the Middle East! And, please read the Tomorrow’s World articles, The Final Crusade? and “"Conflict Over the ‘City of Peace"” and the detailed booklet, "The Middle East in Prophecy" to better understand how the Middle East will shake the nations just prior to Christ’s return."

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sodom and Gomorrah Revisited: Obama: June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month

Jon Garcia Reports:

As he did last year, Obama today declared June 'Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.'

But this year the announcement comes as Congress began moving to repeal the controversial “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy used by the US military when dealing LGBT service members.

President Obama hailed the Congressional moves, writing in a statement: “Our military is made up of the best and bravest men and women in our nation, and my greatest honor is leading them as Commander-in-Chief. This legislation will help make our Armed Forces even stronger and more inclusive by allowing gay and lesbian soldiers to serve honestly and with integrity. MORE

and: President Obama Extends Additional Benefits to Same-Sex Partners of Federal Employees

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The Bible: Fact or Fiction?
Families in Flux
Prophecy Is Speeding Forward
The 'Evolution' of Society

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The U.S. Economic Collapse Top 20 Countdown

The Economic Collapse

So just how bad is the U.S. economy?

Well, the truth is that sometimes it is hard to put into words. We have squandered the great wealth left to us by our forefathers, we have almost totally dismantled the world's greatest manufacturing base, we have shipped millions of good jobs overseas and we have piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of mankind. We have taken the greatest free enterprise economy that was ever created and have turned it into a gigantic house of cards delicately balanced on a never-ending spiral of paper money and debt.

For decades, all of this paper money and debt has enabled us to enjoy the greatest party in the history of the world, but now the bills are coming due and the party is nearly over.

In fact, things are already so bad that you can pick almost every number and find a corresponding statistic that shows just how bad the economy is getting.

You doubt it?

Well, check this out....

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30 Shocking Quotes About The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill That Reveal The Soul-Crushing Horror This Disaster Is Causing

Obama Scene of the Crime

Lame Cherry

B. Hussein Obama is now working with Islamists for the destruction of the State of Israel. This blog warned that a nuclear confrontation was going to occur sooner or later and now it is simmering beyond Iran...

"B. Hussein Obama could have diffused this entire situation by sending in C-130 transports and pressuring Turkey not to send this flotilla into confront the Jews. Instead he signed off on this covert Islamic operation, and now it has nuclear Israel pitted against nuclear Turkey.

As this blog warned, the Jews might now face the Turkish Navy as it attempts to run the terrorist blockade into Gaza.
Egypt has currently opened the border into Gaza creating an immense insurrection zone as Islamists inflame this situation.

The Jews can not allow any of this to take place and if a Turkish action does take place, Mr. Obama has just destroyed NATO, and it is past time that Ed Koch and the liberal Jews figure out that their Mr. Obama now has an American nuclear armed Turkish Islamic state facing American ally of Israel with nuclear arms.

When the Jews are forced to fire upon the Turkish military as they were forced by this first flotilla mob of Islamists, then NATO treaties kick in and B. Hussein Obama with all NATO will be a war with Jews and be forced to respond in their destruction.

Does not anyone get the holocaust point in this besides what has been warned here, not just for Jews, but for the Philistines in Gaza?..."

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Toxic Oil Spill Rains Warned Could Destroy North America

Posted by Europe on May 24, 2010

A dire report prepared for President Medvedev by Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources is warning today that the British Petroleum (BP) oil and gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico is about to become the worst environmental catastrophe in all of human history threatening the entire eastern half of the North American continent with “total destruction”.

Russian scientists are basing their apocalyptic destruction assessment due to BP’s use of millions of gallons of the chemical dispersal agent known as Corexit 9500 which is being pumped directly into the leak of this wellhead over a mile under the Gulf of Mexico waters and designed, this report says, to keep hidden from the American public the full, and tragic, extent of this leak that is now estimated to be over 2.9 million gallons a day.

The dispersal agent Corexit 9500 is a solvent originally developed by Exxon and now manufactured by the Nalco Holding Company of Naperville, Illinois that is four times more toxic than oil (oil is toxic at 11 ppm (parts per million), Corexit 9500 at only 2.61ppm).

In a report written by Anita George-Ares and James R. Clark for Exxon Biomedical Sciences, Inc. titled “Acute Aquatic Toxicity of Three Corexit Products: An Overview” Corexit 9500 was found to be one of the most toxic dispersal agents ever developed. Even worse, according to this report, with higher water temperatures, like those now occurring in the Gulf of Mexico, its toxicity grows.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in discovering BP’s use of this dangerous dispersal agent ordered BP to stop using it, but BP refused stating that their only alternative to Corexit 9500 was an even more dangerous dispersal agent known as Sea Brat 4...

A greater danger involving Corexit 9500, and as outlined by Russian scientists in this report, is that with its 2.61ppm toxicity level, and when combined with the heating Gulf of Mexico waters, its molecules will be able to “phase transition” from their present liquid to a gaseous state allowing them to be absorbed into clouds and allowing their release as “toxic rain” upon all of Eastern North America.

Even worse, should a Katrina like tropical hurricane form in the Gulf of Mexico while tens of millions of gallons of Corexit 9500 are sitting on, or near, its surface the resulting “toxic rain” falling upon the North American continent could “theoretically” destroy all microbial life to any depth it reaches resulting in an “unimaginable environmental catastrophe” destroying all life forms from the “bottom of the evolutionary chart to the top”.

Note: For molecules of a liquid to evaporate, they must be located near the surface, be moving in the proper direction, and have sufficient kinetic energy to overcome liquid-phase intermolecular forces. Only a small proportion of the molecules meet these criteria, so the rate of evaporation is limited. Since the kinetic energy of a molecule is proportional to its temperature, evaporation proceeds more quickly at higher temperatures.

As over 50 miles of the US State of Louisiana’s coastline has already been destroyed by this spill, American scientists are warning that the damage may be impossible to repair, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service:

“The gooey oil washing into the maze of marshes along the Gulf Coast could prove
impossible to remove, leaving a toxic stew lethal to fish and wildlife,
government officials and independent scientists said. Officials are considering
some drastic and risky solutions: They could set the wetlands on fire or flood
areas in hopes of floating out the oil. They warn an aggressive cleanup could
ruin the marshes and do more harm than good."

And to understand the full import of this catastrophe it must be remembered that this disaster is occurring in what is described as the “biologically richest waters in America” with the greatest amount of oil and toxic Corexit 9500 set to come ashore in the coming days and weeks to destroy it completely for decades to come.

Reports are also coming from the United States that their government is secretly preparing to evacuate tens-of-millions of their citizens from their Gulf of Mexico States should the most dire of these scientific warnings start to come true.

To the greatest lesson to be learned by these Americans is that their government-oil industry cabal has been just as destructive to them as their government-banking one, both of which have done more to destroy the United States these past couple of years than any foreign enemy could dare dream was possible.

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US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig

A grim report circulating in the Kremlin today written by Russia’s Northern Fleet is reporting that the United States has ordered a complete media blackout over North Korea’s torpedoing of the giant Deepwater Horizon oil platform...that has caused great loss of life, untold billions in economic damage to the South Korean economy, and an environmental catastrophe to the United States...

Human-animal hybrids in life vs. death struggle. Science-fiction fantasy becomes reality in labs

Posted: May 27, 2010
10:40 pm Eastern

By Chelsea Schilling
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

In what may seem more like a Hollywood science-fiction plot, as in the forthcoming movie 'Splice,' lawmakers are trying to prevent scientists from combining human and animal embryos to make 'human-animal hybrids.

'In 'Splice,' two scientists defy ethical boundaries and splice together human and animal DNA to create a new organism, also known as a chimera.

(Sarah Polley and Delphine Chaneac in "Splice)

At what price?

While the idea of such an experiment may seem far-fetched, scientists around the world have been dabbling in creation of human-animal hybrids for years...

Human-animal hybrid experimentationScientists have had some success with human-animal hybrid experiments. In 2003, Chinese scientists at the Shanghai Second Medical University fused human cells with rabbit embryos, according to National Geographic News. The embryos were given several days to develop before the scientists destroyed them to harvest stem cells.

According to the report, researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota were able to create pigs with human blood flowing through their bodies in 2004.

'Scientists feel that, the more humanlike the animal, the better research model it makes for testing drugs or possibly growing 'spare parts,' such as livers, to transplant into humans,' National Geographic reported. 'Watching how human cells mature and interact in a living creature may also lead to the discoveries of new medical treatments.

'Biotechnology activist Jeremy Rifkin told the magazine, 'One doesn't have to be religious or into animal rights to think this doesn't make sense. It's the scientists who want to do this. They've now gone over the edge into the pathological domain.'

In 2005, New York scientist Stuart Newman sought a patent on a on a process to combine human embryo cells with cells from the embryo of a monkey, ape or other animal. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected his request, according to the Washington Post, because the hybrid 'would be too closely related to a human to be patentable.'

"The Post reported Stanford University biologist Irving Weissman helped other scientists make hybrid rodents, including mice that have up to 1 percent human brain cells in their skulls.

Also, a researcher at the University of Nevada at Reno, Esmail Zanjani, successfully grew mostly human livers in sheep. His goal was to make the humanized livers available for transplant in people.

In 2008, British scientists produced human-animal hybrid embryos by inserting human DNA from a skin cell into a hollowed-out cow embryo. 'An electric shock then induced the hybrid embryo to grow,' London's Guardian reported. 'The embryo, 99.9 percent human and 0.1 percent other animal, grew for three days, until it had 32 cells.'"


Biblical Perspective:
Your Ultimate Destiny
Harvesting humans

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

USA National Debt

National Debt now exceeds $13,000,000,000,000

Sunday, May 23, 2010

US NAtional Debt Update and Worsening Financial Woes

USA national debt about to breach the $13Trillion mark!

and more:

32 States Now Officially Bankrupt: $37.8 Billion Borrowed From Treasury To Fund Unemployment; CA, MI, NY Worst zero hedge

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/21/2010 18:46 -0500

Courtesy of Economic Policy Journal we now know that the majority of American states are currently insolvent...The full list of America's 32 insolvent states is below, sorted in order of bankruptedness (in billions).
Read the entire post

California ---- $6,900
Michigan------ 3,900
New York----- 3,200
Penn. ---------3,000
Ohio ----------2,300
Illinois --------2,200
N.C. ----------2,100
Indiana -------1,700
New Jersey ---1,700
Florida --------1,600
Wisconsin -----1,400
Texas ---------1,000
S.C. -------------886
Kentucky -------795
Missouri --------722
Connecticut -----498
Minnesota ------477
Georgia ---------416
Nevada ---------397
Mass. -----------387
Virginia ---------346
Arkansas -------330
Alabama --------283
Colorado --------253
R.I. -------------225
Idaho -----------202
Maryland -------133
Kansas -----------88
Vermont ---------33
S.D. --------------24
Tennessee -------21
Virgin Islands ----13
Delaware ---------12