Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Obama Scene of the Crime

Lame Cherry

B. Hussein Obama is now working with Islamists for the destruction of the State of Israel. This blog warned that a nuclear confrontation was going to occur sooner or later and now it is simmering beyond Iran...

"B. Hussein Obama could have diffused this entire situation by sending in C-130 transports and pressuring Turkey not to send this flotilla into confront the Jews. Instead he signed off on this covert Islamic operation, and now it has nuclear Israel pitted against nuclear Turkey.

As this blog warned, the Jews might now face the Turkish Navy as it attempts to run the terrorist blockade into Gaza.
Egypt has currently opened the border into Gaza creating an immense insurrection zone as Islamists inflame this situation.

The Jews can not allow any of this to take place and if a Turkish action does take place, Mr. Obama has just destroyed NATO, and it is past time that Ed Koch and the liberal Jews figure out that their Mr. Obama now has an American nuclear armed Turkish Islamic state facing American ally of Israel with nuclear arms.

When the Jews are forced to fire upon the Turkish military as they were forced by this first flotilla mob of Islamists, then NATO treaties kick in and B. Hussein Obama with all NATO will be a war with Jews and be forced to respond in their destruction.

Does not anyone get the holocaust point in this besides what has been warned here, not just for Jews, but for the Philistines in Gaza?..."

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