Friday, May 29, 2009

Has World War III started?

by Eitan Haber
For Zion's Sake Ministries
Israeli leaders must understand broad implications of North Korean nuke test.

One needs to be deaf, blind, and an idiot at this time in order not to understand that the nuclear bomb tested in North Korea two days ago also exploded in the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem. The North Koreans blatantly disregarded the Americans and publically presented them as a meaningless power, yet officials in Jerusalem are still reciting the “Road Map” and making note of the evacuation of some minor West Bank outpost. The world is changing before our eyes, yet here we see Knesset members earnestly explaining that the Americans will agree that we stay in Judea and Samaria if we only evacuate some tin shacks.

Two days ago, in North Korea, World War III officially got underway - the war that would pit “crazy” states such as North Korea and Iran, for example, against states we shall characterize as “moderate,” including Egypt, Gulf states, and Saudi Arabia, which at this time leads the Arab initiative for peace with Israel.

O my soul, my soul! I am pained in my very heart! My heart makes a noise in me; I cannot hold my peace, Because you have heard, O my soul, The sound of the trumpet, The alarm of war. —Jeremiah 4:19

Ever since Sunday, the world has gone crazy, and this crazy world is monitoring with horror the struggle between the “moderate” and “crazy” states. The problem is that some of those crazy states - Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea - already have, or will have, a nuclear button to push, while the moderates, headed by the United States, are not eager to rush into battle.

Why? Because America is already entangled in wars, and there was someone who recently won the presidential elections there, among other reasons because he pledged to remove US troops from the Iraqi and Afghani quagmire. That same president promised that we shall live in a world free of nuclear weapons. Remember that?

A Gordian knot
This is the same North Korea that spat in America’s face three years ago, and this week it did it again. Based on the reactions in Washington (unless they are part of a deception campaign,) it doesn’t appear that the great America will respond. Now all we need is for Iran to blatantly disregard America and Israel in order to prompt us to slide into real emergency turmoil (as opposed to the drill planned for the coming days.)

Iran is here already.
There is a direct and intimate link between the Korean bomb and the planned Iranian bomb; between Iran’s and North Korea’s spit in America’s face, Washington’s desire and ability to lead the fight against the crazy world, and the Israeli government’s conduct.

One does not need to be a supporter or rival of the settlement enterprise in the territories to understand this Gordian knot - and the question is whether we want the American sword to undo it for us.

If the answer is positive, we need to be familiar with the Americans to realize that three tin huts removed from the Maoz Ester outpost are not good enough.

Could these events have prophetic implications?
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Netherlands to close prisons for lack of criminals

Published: 19 May 2009 16:31
Changed: 20 May 2009 15:35
NRC Handelsblad

The Dutch justice ministry has announced it will close eight prisons and cut 1,200 jobs in the prison system. A decline in crime has left many cells empty.

During the 1990s the Netherlands faced a shortage of prison cells, but a decline in crime has since led to overcapacity in the prison system. The country now has capacity for 14,000 prisoners but only 12,000 detainees.

Deputy justice minister Nebahat Albayrak announced on Tuesday that eight prisons will be closed, resulting in the loss of 1,200 jobs. Natural redundancy and other measures should prevent any forced lay-offs, the minister said.

The overcapacity is a result of the declining crime rate, which the ministry's research department expects to continue for some time.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Update on The US Economy

International Forecaster
Posted: May 23 2009

Excerpt (highlight added):
When history studies what has gone on over the past 22 months it will be aghast that those who created the problem have been designated to fix it. These are the greedy, corrupt destroyers of capital that are about to serve us up hyperinflation as part of a cure to gain time in a senseless effort to save the unsavable, our financial system. A system that teeters on the edge of insolvency...

The die is cast and again as in 2002 there is no turning back. The point of no return has past...

Making the underlying problems worse American fiscal debt has risen from $368 billion to an estimated $2 to $2.5 trillion for fiscal 2009 ended 9/30/09, as revenues plunge. This is further complicated by the severity of the recession, which began in February of 2007 and in February 2009 graduated into depression. No one but us is willing to admit that, but that is really the way it is...

The magnitude of the recession was underscored by the latest numbers from the U.S. Treasury: last month’s individual income tax receipts dropped 44% and corporate tax revenue plunged 65% compared to April 2008. Alarming news, as April is historically the biggest collection month of the year and usually results in a sizable budget surplus for the month...

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Depressed America No Longer The Safe Harbor It Was For Investment
Anyone who believes the market rally of the past ten weeks is going to extend further upward we believe is mistaken. We are 35% off the bottom and there is no good news. In fact, it is worsening in spite of the fact that consumer confidence has risen because Wall Street, Fed, Treasury and selected elitists tell us the bottom is in and things will soon improve...The next visit to 6,600 Dow will see panic selling and ...
Is the U.S. Dollar Heading For a Mighty Crash?-
...The United States is dangerously reliant upon the whims of foreign investors, to help finance its $2-trillion budget deficit this year, and prevent a surge in long-term interest rates, which could have a devastating impact on the US-economy.

If bond or currency traders detect that big investors in US-government bonds, - such as China, Japan, OPEC, Russia, and Brazil, have ceased to buy US Treasury debt, or worse yet, are becoming net sellers, it could spark a sharp slide in US-Treasury notes, sending yields sharply higher, and ignite a free-fall in the US-dollar...
Russia Dumps the U.S. Dollar for Euro as Reserve Currency
The US dollar is not Russia’s basic reserve currency anymore...About a third of Russia’s international reserves are based on US Treasury bonds.

Russia became one of the largest creditors of the US administration last year, the US Department of the Treasury said

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When Will Barack Obama Stop Fudging It?

By Simon Heffer Last Updated: 7:33AM BST 25 May 2009

Barack Obama's reluctance to begin confronting difficult decisions is creating the impression that his administration is simply hoping for the best, says Simon Heffer.

A week ago, Barack Obama spoke at the graduation ceremony for students at the Roman Catholic university of Notre Dame in Indiana,...What followed was a classic Obama manoeuvre. With protesters heckling him from the audience, and many graduands having boycotted the ceremony because of the President's support for abortion, Mr Obama simply appealed for understanding on both sides...He had not changed his views at all...

The cracks were starting to show in the days before he went to Notre Dame. Having been roundly attacked for undermining those who sought to defend America against its enemies, the President suddenly reversed his campaign pledge to scrap military tribunals for trying terrorist detainees, which brought howls of protest from liberals who had supported him.

He also studiously avoided becoming involved in an increasingly acrimonious argument between Nancy Pelosi, his fellow Democrat and Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the CIA,...

On a related foreign policy theme, Jewish groups in America who urged support for the President last year are signalling their sense of betrayal at what they believe is his support for a two-state solution in the Middle East...all this has left is uncertainty.

In the legislature, the delivery of campaign promises is proving difficult despite the President's party having clear majorities in both the House and the Senate...Just how little he has got to grips with it was shown at his first cabinet meeting, held five weeks ago...

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Drudge Report
'Sat May 23 2009 10:32:18

ETIn a sobering holiday interview with C-SPAN, President Obama boldly told Americans: "We are out of money."

C-SPAN host Steve Scully broke from a meek Washington press corps with probing questions for the new president.

SCULLY: You know the numbers, $1.7 trillion debt, a national deficit of $11 trillion. At what point do we run out of money?

OBAMA: Well, we are out of money now. We are operating in deep deficits, not caused by any decisions we've made on health care so far. This is a consequence of the crisis that we've seen and in fact our failure to make some good decisions on health care over the last several decades. So we've got a short-term problem, which is we had to spend a lot of money to salvage our financial system, we had to deal with the auto companies, a huge recession which drains tax revenue at the same time it's putting more pressure on governments to provide unemployment insurance or make sure that food stamps are available for people who have been laid off. So we have a short-term problem and we also have a long-term problem. The short-term problem is dwarfed by the long-term problem. And the long-term problem is Medicaid and Medicare. If we don't reduce long-term health care inflation substantially, we can't get control of the deficit. So, one option is just to do nothing. We say, well, it's too expensive for us to make some short-term investments in health care. We can't afford it. We've got this big deficit. Let's just keep the health care system that we've got now. Along that trajectory, we will see health care cost as an overall share of our federal spending grow and grow and grow and grow until essentially it consumes everything...

SCULLY: When you see GM though as “Government Motors,” you're reaction?

OBAMA: Well, you know – look we are trying to help an auto industry that is going through a combination of bad decision making over many years and an unprecedented crisis or at least a crisis we haven't seen since the 1930's. And you know the economy is going to bounce back and we want to get out of the business of helping auto companies as quickly as we can. I have got more enough to do without that. In the same way that I want to get out of the business of helping banks, but we have to make some strategic decisions about strategic industries...

SCULLY: States like California in desperate financial situation, will you be forced to bail out the states?

OBAMA: No. I think that what you're seeing in states is that anytime you got a severe recession like this, as I said before, their demands on services are higher. So, they are sending more money out. At the same time, they're bringing less tax revenue in. And that's a painful adjustment, what we're going end up seeing is lot of states making very difficult choices there...

SCULLY: William Howard Taft served on the court after his presidency, would you have any interest in being on the Supreme Court?

OBAMA: You know, I am not sure that I could get through Senate confirmation... Developing...


Obama confirms Lame Cherry Report


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Obama Says The Right Things, But Does The Wrong Things

President Calls For Common Ground, But Rams Pro-Abortion Policies Down America’s Throat

By Herb Denenberg, The Bulletin
Friday, May 22, 2009

Excerpt (highlight added):

If I had to describe President Barack Obama in one sentence, I’d say that he usually says the right things, but usually does the wrong things. His flowery rhetoric has little relationship to his cactus-like reality. Take his recent speech at the University of Notre Dame graduation.

He talked about opening hearts and minds to those who don’t think precisely as we do. He talked about finding common ground. You’ve got to touch hearts and minds...

But that’s just Obama rhetoric. He started implementing his radical pro-abortion, pro-infanticide agenda the minute he became president. Almost immediately he brought the U.S. taxpayer back into the racket of funding overseas abortion. He authorized the destruction of human embryos at home. He loaded his administration with the most pro-abortion appointees he could find. This was his radical pro-abortion reflex at work.

There was no reaching out. There was no attempt to touch hearts and minds. There was no attempt to achieve some sort of bipartisanship consensus or dialogue. He rammed those pro-Obama measures through with no reaching out, no dialog, no common ground and none of the other rhetorical flowers. He didn’t even try to fake bipartisanship. He talks it, but never makes the most minor moves in the direction of bipartisanship. The gap between talk and reality is so extreme it defies rational explanation.

Mr. Obama ploughs ahead with his pro-abortion, pro-infanticide agenda, as he always does. His record as Illinois state senator, U.S. senator, candidate for president, and elected president is all the same — the most radical pro-abortion agenda and pro-infanticide policy of any president in our history and of any politician on the scene today. He is so extreme he even makes the infamous pro-choice types such as Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., look pro-choice by comparison.

As Illinois state senator, he even voted against the “Born Alive Infant Act,” which would have given infants born alive after a botched abortion the right to medical care. He led the battle against that law. He alone spoke against it. He stood for infanticide and murder then, and there’s no reason to believe his views have changed, however perfumed and powdered up to camouflage his real intentions and policies.

He supported and still supports the “Freedom of Choice Act,” which would wipe out all restrictions on abortion, even something as sensible as parental notification laws. He has advocated partial birth abortion. He never met a restriction on abortion he liked. His record led one critic to observe that Mr. Obama seems to think the main purpose of the U.S. Constitution is to facilitate abortion...

Yes, he usually says the right thing, but usually proceeds to do the wrong thing. If that doesn’t fully describe President Obama, I’d offer another description that might help: He has the talking disease, which means that he always wants to talk even though such talk will clearly be in vain. Take his recent press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the situation in the Middle East...

Words make a difference and his words provide little hope and no change for the better. The great speechmaker ought to say what he means. But more importantly, those who listen to his speeches ought to get by the flowery flourishes and rhetorical riches, and look carefully at meaning. When you hear an accomplished orator, many are carried along by the rhythm of his style and speech with little analysis of his meaning.

I have a feeling if the audience at Notre Dame University had given the content of the speech real attention rather than the quality of his speaking ability, and would have considered the record of the speaker, they would not have cheered and clapped. They would have realized they were hearing someone in total opposition to some of the most fundamental tenets of the Catholic Church and other religions as well, and someone who in practice has little respect for those tenets and their views.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Obama quashed Israel military option against Iran

By Yossi Melman, Haaretz Correspondent

Israel's military option against Iran has died. The death warrant was issued courtesy of the new U.S. administration led by Barack Obama.

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Yossi Melman / Obama quashed Israel military option against Iran

Abortion: A Deadly Game of Terminology

By Gary F. Ehman
Thursday, May 21, 2009

What do the terms “thalamocortical pathways,” “nociception,” “peripheral sensory receptors” and “asynchronous” have in common? They are all words now used in the escalated, seemingly more sophisticated pro-abortion stance of the medical community. Based on a study by a team of medical experts published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), abortion supporters now claim that early fetuses in the womb do not feel the pain of the abortion procedures, so therefore they are not really human.

In a JAMA clinical review of the study entitled “Fetal Pain: A Systematic Multidisciplinary Review of the Evidence” summarizes that, “Pain perception requires conscious recognition or awareness of a noxious stimulus. Neither withdrawal reflexes nor hormonal stress responses to invasive procedures prove the existence of fetal pain, because they can be elicited by nonpainful stimuli and occur without conscious cortical processing. Fetal awareness of noxious stimuli requires functional thalamocortical connections.” They claim that those connections begin forming between 23 to 30 weeks gestational age. The study alleges that electroencephalography testing reveals functional pain in the baby “probably does not exist before 29 or 30 weeks.”

Human Fetus © 2009 Jupiterimages Corporation

The conclusion reached is that: “Evidence regarding the capacity for fetal pain is limited but indicates that fetal perception of pain is unlikely before the third trimester. Little or no evidence addresses the effectiveness of direct fetal anesthetic or analgesic techniques. Similarly, limited or no data exist on the safety of such techniques for pregnant women in the context of abortion. Anesthetic techniques currently used during fetal surgery are not directly applicable to abortion procedures.”

Basically what the study says is that you must have a mind to feel pain, and human life within the womb prior to the third trimester does not have a mind.

It is not our intent here to examine, line by line, this study which provides pro-abortion advocates with what appears to be justification for their position that a baby in the womb is not a baby, but really is only a mindless fetus. Within this definition, it becomes only a piece of tissue that can cause great inconvenience to the bearer of the tissue; therefore it can be cut out, cast away, or used as a source of materials for future advancement of stem-cell experimentation. (Read the Tomorrow’s World magazine article “Abortion: A Modern Holocaust?”, March-April, 2005, p. 10,).

These new claims have been seriously challenged by the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), which also has revealed that two of the five study authors were pro-abortion activists, and one of them the head of a large California abortion clinic.

While the medical/political arguments wage on, the simplest argument of all is ridiculed and scorned. Simply put, any fertilized egg implanted in the human womb, if left undisturbed, will form into a sentient human being. Upon being born and reaching maturity, this being will be able to reproduce itself through the same process by which he or she came into existence.

This process is life, which was begun by the great God of the Universe when He reached down into the dust and formed man, breathing into him the breath of life (Genesis 2:7). Puny man, in his overreaching aggrandizement of himself, denies there is a God and has set himself up as able to define what is and what is not, life.

But what, exactly, is man? Is there more to human life than what we see around us—so cheaply valued and so brutally disregarded? Is there a purpose for man that transcends human thought and reasoning? Does God define what life really is? “Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.’ So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.’” (Genesis 1:26–28).

There is a Creator God who defines what human life is and reveals why He created it. This God will soon send Jesus Christ back to earth to address man’s failure to exercise proper dominion over this earth and value the life which He brought into existence.

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Homosex-fest mocks traditional families

Folsom Street poster suggests norm includes leather, nudity
Posted: May 18, 200910:02 pm Eastern
By Bob Unruh© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Editor's note: The poster image included in the following story may be objectionable to readers.

Promoters of an annual sex event in San Francisco, who in 2007 mocked the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting of the Last Supper to publicize the Folsom Street Festival, this year are making fun of the traditional family in their poster.

The organizers for the X-rated Folsom Street Fair have produced a poster to promote this year's event that features half a dozen actors and actresses playing the roles of the iconic "nuclear family" photograph from 40 years ago – but dressed in leather, holding fetishes and not quite fully clothed.

"Will House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., denounce this attack on the natural family, or will she continue to pander to her homosexual base – as she did by refusing to condemn a version of the above that blasphemed the Last Supper?" asked Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth.

"Few Americans have any clue about just how deviant America's Queer Mecca is," he said.

WND reported on last year's event, when the local Chronicle newspaper documented: "There were naked people selling bondage gear and naked people seeking support for measures on the Nov. 4 ballot. There were naked people with cameras, taking pictures of other naked people. One man wore only an 11-foot Burmese python, which curled around his waist."

The festival, which celebrates deviant sex, including homosexual activities, has turned in recent years into a daylong showing of nudity and public sex acts with promotions of the unnatural and pornographic – all on the public streets of San Francisco with formal approval from Mayor Gavin Newsom.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pentagon Confiscates Bibles

The Brody File: David Brody
David Brody
CBN News White House Correspondent

This story hasn't received much attention but it caught the eye of The Brody File.

The Pentagon has confiscated a stack of Bibles sent to an Evangelical soldier in Afghanistan. The Bibles were printed in the local Pashto and Dari languages. Military rules forbid proselytizing.

By the way, the Bibles were burned because the rules on the base say that all garbage is burned at the end of the day.

But just asking here; if the U.S. Military seized a stack full of Korans, would they be burned? You think that might cause a little outrage in the Muslim world?

Watch the video report first reported by AlJazeera here.

What do you think? After all, remember The Great Commission given by Jesus? Read that here.

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Pentagon Confiscates Bibles

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posted @ Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Peacemakers Will Bring National Suicide For Israel

The Advocate
By Herb Denenberg, The Bulletin
Monday, May 18, 2009

(Reprinted in full. Emphasis added)

Answer these questions and then prepare to learn that logic, reason, decency and rationality has departed from those who now claim to be peacemakers:

  • Should nation A grant statehood to a group (we’ll call it group Z) dedicated to the demolition of nation A?
  • Should nation A grant statehood to group Z that will not accept nation A’s right to exist?
  • Should nation A grant statehood to group Z whose president glorifies suicide bombers and makes heroes of suicide bombers who are in the business of blowing up babies, women and children in nation A?
  • Should nation A grant statehood to group Z that 16 years ago promised to outlaw terrorism against nation A, to arrest terrorists dedicated to destroying nation A, to end its incitement to hatred and violence against nation A, and despite solemn agreements, simply does not keep these written promises aimed at assuring peace between nation A and group Z?
  • Should nation A grant statehood to group Z whose president proudly displays a map of nation A that omits the name of nation A from the map and instead labels it as the land of group Z?
  • Should nation A grant statehood to group Z when 75 percent of its members reject nation A’s right to exist?
  • Should nation A grant statehood to group Z when 64 percent of its members support continued terrorist rocket attacks against civilians in nation A, and by a margin of two to one believe if group Z gets statehood, it would be a terror state?
  • Should nation A grant statehood to group Z whose media regularly promote killing Americans?
  • Should nation A grant statehood to group Z when 65 percent of its members support al-Qaida, the terrorist group?
  • Should nation A grant statehood to group Z whose Parliament speaker has said, “Kill the Americans to the last one.”

I posed this as a hypothetical to expose how preposterous and unreasonable the proposal is for the two-state solution to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It’s easier to see the proposal when stripped to its bare bones. The two-state solution might make sense some day, but now is not the time. When group Z isn’t intent on exterminating nation A and are prepared to live in peace, that would be the time.

The hypothetical removes some of the miscellaneous baggage from the issue, and makes crystal clear the sheer lunacy of the two-state solution at this time. Israel is nation A, and the Palestinians are group Z. This two-state solution is now the accepted wisdom of the Obama administration, Arab states, the international community and the Palestinian Authority (PA). It is a no-starter on its face.The two-state solution is in fact a no-state solution for Israel. When you consider the facts as catalogued in the questions at the beginning of this column, you have to conclude that a two-state solution now would be nothing but a suicide pact for Israel.

In fact, there are other facts not even included in the questions, which make the suicide nature of the two-state solution even more painfully apparent. Here are those other proposals that go along with the two-state solution, which is in fact an Arab initiative that seems to have been adopted by the Obama administration. You would think that Israel would be a party to a parley between the Obama administration and Arab nations that decides the fate of Israel.

First, the two-state solution calls for Israel to withdraw to its pre-1967 war borders. Those borders are clearly indefensible, and would make Israel vulnerable to any attack and would assure that its defense would be impossible.

Second, the two-state solution calls for a “just” solution to the Palestinian refugee problem. Those are code words for letting all of the Palestinian refugees who left during the 1948 conflict, which the surrounding Arab nations started by their unprovoked aggression in violation of the original U.N. determination of a two-state solution.

The return of all these refugees would mean that the essential Jewish nature of Israel would be destroyed, and the Jewish minority in Israel would be subjected to the edicts of an unfriendly and even genocidal majority.

If the two-state solution sounds as bad as anything can get, there’s more. The U.S. and the Arab nations are now trying to tie any united front against Iran, and its development of nuclear weapons of mass destruction, with a two-state peace with the Palestinians. The idea is that before anything can be done to Iran, we have to make Israel commit national suicide via the two-state solution.

Cutting through the phony rhetoric, giving up Israel to a suicide peace plan is simply an attempt to appease Iran. That appeasement would only be viewed as a sign of weakness by Iran and would make it more intractable. As Investor’s Business Daily (May 18, 2009) points out, “As always, appeasement always fans the flames of evil.”

In other words, the Obama administration and the Arab nations are giving Israel two alternative paths, both of which lead to Israel committing suicide. It can agree to a two-state solution and assure its own destruction, as its borders will be indefensible and as it will be giving citizenship to a demographic group now dedicated to its destruction. Or it can reject suicide via the two-state solution, and instead elect suicide by Iran — with the apparent approval of the U.S. and the Arab nations — and Iran’s development of nuclear weapons of mass destruction … which it has repeatedly announced it will use on Israel. Iran and its genocidal madness should be the top U.S. and world priority, as it is a threat to world safety. It should not be used as a bargaining chip or an appeasement attempt to sell a totally unreasonable Arab peace plan.

The U.S., the Arab states and the “international community” are trying to shove the suicidal two-state solution down Israel’s throat, as if it is the only way to go. The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he will not even meet with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu until he agrees to pursue Palestinian independence and freeze construction of West Bank settlements.

All these demands are premature when the Palestinians will not even stop their terrorism, their suicide bombings, their incitement to violence and hate carried out by their government-controlled media, mosques and schools. They promised to stop all that terrorism in accordance with promises made 16 years ago. How can Israel be expected to make all kinds of concessions in advance and come to the peace table, when the nation is still under siege by endless terrorism and endless incitement to violence and hate? Remember what prior concessions have achieved for Israel — more suicide bombings, rockets aimed at civilians and terrorism.

The first step is for the Palestinians to stop their war to destroy Israel.I’ll give the world a good alternative to the two-state solution. For starters, end Palestinian terrorism and incitement to hate and violence against Israel. Then peace will be possible in all kinds of variations, including the two-state solution.It continues to get worse.

Now meet Vice President Joe Biden, who has an almost perfect record of being wrong on virtually every foreign policy issue during his decades in the Senate. He even opposed the liberation of Kuwait and was willing to cede the Middle East to then dictator Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Now he’s telling Israel that any action against Iran would be “ill-advised.”

Iran is threatening to incinerate Israel with nuclear bombs and missiles and Vice President Biden says self-defensive measures would be ill-advised. Apparently the vice president thinks being subjected to nuclear incineration is the way to go. Yes, poor Vice President Biden can’t get anything right, and perhaps Hugh Hewitt, the talk show host, is right when he gave him the nickname Slow Joe. He’s not slow. He’s intellectually stopped dead in the water.

There are other sorry aspects with this peacemaking by President Barack Obama, the Arab nations and the international community. They are willing to impose a peace treaty on Israel. Peace treaties are supposed to be negotiated by the parties to the conflict and not by other nations or international organizations. Also peace treaties have to be negotiated between parties that want peace. How do you negotiate a peace treaty with a group that is dedicated to your destruction?

Israel has already discovered what happens when you turn territory over to genocidal, terrorist enemies. They continue to try to destroy Israel. That’s what happened when Gaza was turned over to the Palestinians, and that’s the history of peacemaking with the Palestinians. And that’s all a two-state solution would deliver — a better platform for continuing the Palestinian war against Israel. The Palestinians have a long, unbroken record of rejecting peace and going for violence and terrorism.

This all seems quite obvious to anyone who considers it. Yet it has escaped the Obama administration, the Arab nations and the international community. But the agreement by the international community doesn’t make it right.

There’s a battle going on over the imposition of the suicidal two-state solution on Israel. You can join the battle by letting the president know where you stand by calling the White House comment hotline at 202-456-1111 or the White House switchboard at 202-456-1414. You can also reach your congressman by calling members of Congress at 202-226-3121. Be patient when you do, because the White House lines seem to be busy most of the time. You can also try to influence public opinion by calling talk shows and writing letters to the editor.

What’s most surprising about this is that too many seem to be indifferent to the coming Iranian development of nuclear weapons of mass destruction, the danger that creates for the world, and its plan for Holocaust II for Israel, and the same seeming indifference to the imposition of suicide via the two-state solution.

The best indictment of the two-state solution comes from the Zionist Organization of America and its president Morton Klein. Mr. Klein has a record of being right on target for many years on issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I credit the ZOA for that and have supported its work. But it will take more than that to stop Iran, whose bombs will be directed at America after they are directed at Israel.

And it will take more than that to prevent Holocaust II via Iran or the two-state solution. Does the world really mean “never again?” You decide, and perhaps do something to get the right answer before its too late.

Herb Denenberg is a former Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commissioner, and professor at the Wharton School. He is a longtime Philadelphia journalist and consumer advocate. He is also a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of the Sciences. His column appears daily in The Bulletin. You can reach him at
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China's top legislator: China-Russia partnership enjoys fast growth

Published on 05-17-2009
Source: China View

The strategic partnership of cooperation between China and Russia is currently showing all-round momentum and rapid growth as high-level contacts remain frequent, China's top legislator said in Moscow on Wednesday.

Wu Bangguo, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, made the remark during a meeting with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. Wu, who arrived in Moscow on Wednesday for an official goodwill visit, said he appreciates the frequent contact between leaders of the two countries. He said Medvedev's visit to China last year helped lay the foundation for continuous growth of the strategic partnership between the two countries.

Medvedev said that he and Chinese President Hu Jintao held their first meeting this year during the London G20 summit in April. He expressed the wish that they will have more meetings later this year. The Russian president said he expects Hu to pay a state visit to Russia in June.

Medvedev also expects to meet with Hu during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit and the summit of "BRIC" countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India and China, later this year. China and Russia this year also are to hold a series of activities to mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties. Wu and Medvedev stressed the importance of parliamentary exchanges between the two countries, saying they reflect the high level of development of the China-Russia partnership of strategic cooperation.

Wu said the strong China-Russia partnership is reflected in such areas as frequent contacts between top leaders of the two countries, the staging of "Russian Language Year" in China, the signing of an oil cooperation agreement between the two governments, and exchanges between the NPC and the Russian parliament. Russia, Medvedev said, places high importance on parliamentary exchanges and cooperation between the two countries. The Russian president also said Wu's visit reflects the momentum of fast growth in bilateral links.

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China's top legislator: China-Russia partnership enjoys fast growth
Source: Xinhua

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USA May Need EU’s Galileo!

May 17th, 2009

In a shocking report, the US government admits that its Global Positioning System (GPS) system may start to fail in 2010 and that by 2013 it may need to rely on the European Union’s Galileo system:..

Maintenance delays mean EU’s Galileo may step in
TechRadar UK - May 14, 2009
by J Mark Lytle, Tokyo

According to reports coming from the US government, the planned EU satellite navigation system could be in big demand if its own GPS network falls into disrepair.

The US Government Accountability Office has been studying the reliability of the GPS network of 24 satellites and has concluded that it may need to work with the EU’s planned Galileo alternative if sat-nav coverage is to remain reliable.

Low reliability

Apparently, delays in satellite launches and problems with budgets mean that the probability of GPS remaining fully functional and, therefore, accurate will be as low as 10 per cent come 2017.
Unless something changes at the US Air Force, which looks after the GPS network, the EU’s Galileo could be called upon to fill in the gaps when it launches in 2013.

Regular readers are aware that I have long Regular readers are aware that I have long warned that Galileo will give the EU the ability to launch an attack against the USA and its Anglo-allies (e.g. Economic and Military Events Lining Up). And this will be even more effective if the USA actually has to (at least somewhat) rely on Galileo itself. The rising European Beast power will strike when the USA is the most vulnerable, and that could be fairly soon.

Those who have not taken Bible prophecy seriously need to open their eyes to realize that events are lining up for the destruction of the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Bailout Bubble - The Bubble To End All Bubbles

By Gerald Celente 5-14-9

KINGSTON, NY -- The biggest financial bubble in history is being inflated in plain sight, said Gerald Celente, Director of The Trends Research Institute. "This is the Mother of All Bubbles, and when it explodes," Celente warns, "it will signal the end to the boom/bust cycle that has characterized economic activity throughout the developed world."

Either unwilling or unable to call the bubble by its proper name, the media, Washington and Wall Street describe the stupendous government expenditures on rescue packages, stimulus plans, buyouts and takeovers as emergency measures needed to salvage the severely damaged economy.

"All of this terminology is econo-jargon," said Celente. "It's like calling torture 'enhanced interrogation techniques.' Washington is inflating the biggest bubble ever: the 'Bailout Bubble.' "This is much bigger than the Dot-com and Real Estate bubbles which hit speculators, investors and financiers the hardest. However destructive the effects of these busts on employment, savings and productivity, the Free Market Capitalist framework was left intact. But when the 'Bailout Bubble' explodes, the system goes with it."

The economic framework of the United States has been restructured. Federal interventionist policies have given the government equity stakes, executive powers and management control of what was once private enterprise. To finance these buyouts, rescue and stimulus packages -- instead of letting failed businesses fail and bankrupt banks and bandit brokerages go bankrupt -- trillions of dollars are being injected into the stricken economy.

Phantom dollars, printed out of thin air, backed by nothing ... and producing next to nothing ... defines the "Bailout Bubble." Just as with the other bubbles, so too will this one burst. But unlike Dot-com and Real Estate, when the "Bailout Bubble" pops, neither the President nor the Federal Reserve will have the fiscal fixes or monetary policies available to inflate another.

With no more massive economic bubbles left to blow up, they'll set their sights on bigger targets. "Given the pattern of governments to parlay egregious failures into mega-failures, the classic trend they follow, when all else fails, is to take their nation to war," observed Celente. (Note mine, see link below)

Since the "Bailout Bubble" is neither called nor recognized as a bubble, its sudden and spectacular explosion will create chaos. A panicked public will readily accept any Washington/Wall Street/Main Stream Media alibi that shifts the blame for the catastrophe away from the policy makers and onto some scapegoat.

"At this time we are not forecasting a war. However, the trends in play are ominous," Celente concluded. "While we cannot pinpoint precisely when the 'Bailout Bubble' will burst, we are certain it will. When it does, it should be understood that a major war could follow."

Celente - The Bailout Bubble
Jeff Rense Program

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The "two-state solution" really just a step toward Israel's destruction.

Friday, May 15, 2009 Israel Today Staff

A top Palestinian Authority official admits the "two-state solution" is really just a means of bringing about Israel's collapse, and the American general training up the new PA army reveals those troops could turn on Israel.

Speaking with Lebanon's ANB Television last week, Palestinian Authority representative in Lebanon Abbas Zaki said he personally doesn't desire any kind of peace deal with Israel, but explained that establishing a state in Judea and Samaria with eastern Jerusalem as its capital will be a step toward Israel's destruction.

The Pope and the Muslim world?

Living Church of God
Friday, May 15, 2009

For millennia, the Holy Land has been fought over by many peoples and nations and has truly been a “heavy stone” for all who try to solve the problems surrounding it (Zechariah 12:3). Tuesday, Benedict XVI became the first Pope to enter the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount.

In comments to him, the highest-ranking Muslim cleric in Jerusalem, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, stated, “We look forward for your holiness’s effective role in putting an end to the ongoing aggression against our people, our land, and our holy sites in Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank.” This statement, appealing to the Pope to bring peace to Jerusalem and surrounding territories, fell on the heels of the Pope’s comments about a need for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The Pope also took opportunity to denounce anti-Semitism (, May 12, 2009). During his current trip to the Holy Land, the Pope is laboring to build lasting bridges with both Arabs and Jews and gaining respect in the eyes of both, most importantly in the eyes of Arabs.

Exactly how the next few years will play out with regard to Jerusalem remains to be seen. Geopolitical events must occur that allow a temporary peace to come to Jerusalem—a peace that will allow for the relatively safe reinstitution of religious animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount (see Daniel 9:27; 12:11).

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Friday, May 15, 2009

'We can't keep borrowing,' Obama says; except with plastic

'We can't keep borrowing,' Obama says; except with plastic
1:31 PM, May 14, 2009

President Obama is using a town hall meeting in New Mexico today to make two points on credit:
  1. The U.S. needs to get serious about kicking its borrowing habit --
  2. but banks shouldn’t be able to make credit card borrowing any harder on consumers.

Anyone see a disconnect here?

From Bloomberg News:

President Barack Obama, calling current deficit spending "unsustainable," warned of skyrocketing interest rates for consumers if the U.S. continues to finance government by borrowing from other countries.

"We can’t keep on just borrowing from China," Obama said at a town-hall meeting in Rio Rancho, N.M., outside Albuquerque. "We have to pay interest on that debt, and that means we are mortgaging our children’s future with more and more debt."

Holders of U.S. debt will eventually "get tired" of buying it, causing interest rates on everything from auto loans to home mortgages to increase, Obama said. "It will have a dampening effect on our economy."

He’s right on all counts. The day of reckoning for massive federal deficits is out there, somewhere.

Yet at the same meeting, Obama pressed Congress to send him a bill restricting banks’ ability to boost credit card rates and fees.

From Bloomberg:
Obama called on Congress to pass a credit-card bill he can sign into law by May 25 that would clamp down on what he says are sudden rate increases, unfair penalties and hidden fees. He wants the measure to protect consumers, strengthen monitoring and impose penalties for credit-card company violations.

The House of Representatives passed the credit-card bill last month after adding a provision requiring banks to apply consumers’ payments to balances with the highest interest rates first. The bill also imposes limits on card interest rates and fees.

The Senate is debating its version today. It also would require credit-card companies to give 45 days’ notice before increasing an interest rate. It would prohibit retroactive rate increases on existing balances unless a consumer was 60 days late with a payment.

"The days of any time, any increase, anything goes -- rate hike, late fees -- that must end," Obama said. "We’re going to require clarity and transparency from now on."

I imagine that's going to be the language foreign creditors will use when they've finally reached their limits with our debt: "The days of any time, any increase, anything goes with your borrowing -- that must end."

At that point, bank late fee charges on credit cards will be the least of our worries.
-- Tom Petruno

Free booklet: The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy

Abdullah Tells Netanyahu in Amman: Accept PA State ‘Immediately'

May-14-09 04:48 PM
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Jordan’s King Abdullah II, hosting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in a previously unannounced visit Thursday morning, demanded that he “immediately declare his commitment to a two-state solution, [declare] acceptance of the Arab peace initiative and to take necessary steps to move forward toward a solution.”

He also said that Israel must open all crossings into Gaza, which was taken over by the Hamas terrorist organization two years ago.

The royal palace released the king’s remarks, and no response from Prime Minister Netanyahu was reported. His office earlier stated that Jordan is a peace partner with Israel and a key to regional peace...

After King Abdullah’s discussions with President Obama in Washington last month, the monarch warned that war will break out within the next 18 months if Israel does not accept the Saudi Arabian 2002 Peace Plan, based on shrinking the size of Israel to that which existed in 1949.

The plan also calls for the right of approximately five million foreign Arabs to immigrate to Israel on the basis of their families having once lived there, prior to fleeing during the 1948 War of Independence.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

God, crisis, the Lisbon EU Treaty and the Irish

God, crisis, the Lisbon EU Treaty and the Irish
Posted By: Bruno Waterfield in Brussels
May 11, 2009 at 17:43:33

Excerpt (emphasis mine):

The Lisbon European Union Treaty will be good for God - or at least His churches.

The Gods Squad - various clerics, imams, vicars, cardinals, archbishops, bishops, grand muftis and rabbis - was back in town on Monday.

They all trooped into the European Commission's Berlaymont HQ for another bout of "inter-religious" dialogue...

...Hans Gert-Poettering, the clappy-happy German Christian Democrat and European Parliament president, could not resist using the gig to link old time religion to the Lisbon Treaty.

The Irish, he argued, should (above all) note that the renamed EU Constitution will institutionalise consultation between Brussels institutions and religious clerics.

"If the Lisbon Treaty should not come into force, with new leaderships in the commission and parliament, they could abolish this dialogue because legally it is not binding," he said.

"With the Treaty of Lisbon when it comes into force, and this is Ireland's responsibility, then this inter-religious dialogue is legally binding for all the EU's institutions."

"This is the first time ever our churches and religious communities are included in the law of the EU. I think this is very important and it is an argument, alongside others, to say yes to the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland."

Mr Poettering's message is clear: if Ireland wants the Church in politics then vote Yes to the Treaty.

This is a mistake. Ireland's referendum rejection showed that the old way of doing things in Ireland was over. Young Irish people are no more likely to trust their priest than Brian Cowen, their prime minister, on the EU treaty - and a good thing too.

In fact bundling up Ireland's backward, priest-ridden past with the claim that the treaty creates a new clerical power to influence EU policy at the European level is more likely to be a negative argument.

But the EU is not really relying on God, or his servants, for a Yes in a second Irish referendum this autumn.

An excellent report from the BBC's Jonny Dymond has shown where the argument is going.
He speaks to Walter Cullen, a trade union official, who, like many others on the left opposed the Lisbon Treaty.

"I think that the next referendum will be about frightening people into voting for the treaty, because [they'll be told] if they don't vote for the treaty things will get worse for Ireland," Mr Cullen told the BBC. Jonny goes on to quote a an Irish official, speaking with "cool cynicism", on a victory, he has already assumed.

"The recession will have terrified everyone into voting 'Yes'," he is quoted as saying.
This is exactly what most people are saying here. Economic crisis is tragedy for many of us. For EU Treaty supporters it is an opportunity to try and frighten people into acquiescence.

Once upon a time, the clerics told pie-in-the-sky or hellfire tales to get people on their knees.
Today, the EU seeks to organise Europeans around increasing consciousness of vulnerability and need for protection.

Officials are using the economic crisis to preach a creed of powerlessness in a world, they claim, is shaped by forces that are outside the control of mere people. They hope the recession will teach Ireland a lesson and get the Irish back on their knees before the political class and experts who know best for them.

Will they get away with it?

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Israel, Europe, Middle east and Obama Intersect- What It May Portend about the Future

Obama Outsources the Holocaust
by Sultan Knish

Obama's planned photo op stop at the site of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp is all the more repulsive when you consider that his administration has become the primary enabler of those who would like to repeat the final solution.

From the Holocaust denying and Holocaust planning Ahmadinejad, to Venezuela's dictator Chavez, whose anti-semitic rants have contributed to attacks against Jews, to Hamas, whose covenant demands uncompromisingly the destruction of Israel-- Obama has made it his mission to try and befriend dictators and regimes who think that Buchenwald did not go far enough.

The Holocaust happened because of a two way relationship between those regimes which perpetrated it, and those which turned a blind eye to what was going on. Now Obama is repeating the same process, and while he is not building the concentration camps, he is actively enabling those who are.

And the practical distinction becomes lost amid the moral distinction.

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Abdullah sees events rushing toward a "57-state solution" in the Middle East,


Tomorrow's London Times has an interview with Jordan's King Abdullah.

Abdullah sees events rushing toward a "57-state solution" in the Middle East, with President Obama overseeing a grand bargain in which all 57 Muslim countries will recognize Israel in exchange for...something.

The details, as usual, are vague, especially with regard to the most intractable issues. What comes through most clearly is that Abdullah foresees "the world" ganging up on Israel to force a "solution." Otherwise? More war. More

King Abdullah is scared. He is hoping no one notices that the majority population in Jordan are Palestinians. Why not make Jordan a Palestinian state and do away with Abdullah and the monarchy?

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Prophecy and the Middle East

Pope stresses 'deep respect' for Islam

During a visit to Jordan, he has also called the church a spiritual force that could contribute to progress in bringing about peace in the Middle East.

... the Pope said he came to Jordan "as a pilgrim".

...and to pay tribute to the leadership shown by His Majesty the King in promoting a better understanding of the virtues proclaimed by Islam."

En route to Amman, the Pope told journalists that inter-faith dialogue is "very important for peace and so that everyone can follow the tenets of their faith".

The church "is not a political force but a spiritual force which can contribute to the progress of the peace process" in the Middle East, Benedict said.

Welcoming Benedict, King Abdullah urged an expansion of Christian-Muslim dialogue to dispel "divisions."

The monarch stressed the "importance of co-existence and harmony between Muslim and Christian," and warned that "voices of provocation, ambitious ideologies of division, threaten unspeakable suffering...

Read what COGWriter writes about this event :

This meeting is interesting for a couple of reasons. One, it is showing that both sides are making some effort for cooperation. But the second is that this may have prophetic ramifications...

Hence, cooperation between the Vatican and Jordan now may be part of the reason that much of Jordan will be spared in the future..

Entire post:Jordanian King to Meet Pope

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Obama to make speech on US-Muslim ties

The president will also give a long-awaited speech on US relations with the Muslim world in Egypt on June 4.

"On June 4, the president will give a speech in Egypt. The speech will be about America's relations with the Muslim world," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said.

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« Battle over Jerusalem will dominate world events in the coming years

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Islamists say Pope's Mideast visit provocative

By Suleiman al-Khalidi Suleiman Al-khalidi –
Thu May 7, 9:45 am ET
AMMAN (Reuters) –

Jordanian Islamist leaders on Thursday condemned Pope Benedict's visit to the Middle East, saying it was provocative because he has not apologized for offending comments implying Islam was violent and irrational.

They said the pope, who arrives in Jordan on Friday on the first leg of a tour including Israel and the Palestinian territories, still owed them an apology for hinting Islam was violent and irrational in a 2006 speech in Regensburg.

Jordan's Roman Catholic Church urged Islamists on Wednesday to welcome the pope despite their earlier criticism of his visit. A senior Amman official acknowledged some discontent but said the government would warmly welcome Benedict...

The senior official, who asked not to be named, said Jordan was satisfied with the state of Catholic-Muslim dialogue and appreciated Benedict's readiness to visit a mosque here...

More Headlines

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The President Who Hates His Country

By Joan Swirsky, For The Bulletin
Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Editor’s Note: This is the first of a two-part series. my decades of commenting on the political scene, I cannot recall a single leader of any country or regime who has ever spoken negatively of his country or tolerated others speaking ill of the land or the people he represented

Until Now

Bizarre and, yes, repugnant as it is to our essentially centrist country, America now has a president who has broken that time-honored tradition...

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The President Who Hates His Country
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Obama intends to sacrifice Israel

By Ted Belman

Barry Rubin just reports Obama Administration Withdraws Proposed Concessions to Hamas and opines

This tells us that the Obama administration is continuing to put a priority on maintaining strong U.S.-Israel relations–despite many predictions to the contrary and misinterpretations of what it has said or done. One can either view the previous initiative on Hamas as a trial balloon that got shot down or as a mistake whose correction shows the underlying main line of administration policy.

The original proposal might eventually have become its first step directly damaging U.S.-Israel relations and injuring Israel’s interests, the Obama administration has reportedly proposed allowing American aid to go to a Palestinian Authority (PA) even if Hamas, which is designated in U.S. law as a terrorist group, would be participating in it.

I don’t buy it.

That’s the second time in the last month that he seemed to suspend judgement on Obama’s intentions and suggested that things weren’t so bad yet.

We know that Obama wants to effect the two state solution, but how. Obama seems to be embracing the Saudi Plan. So even if he doesn’t bring Hamas in from the cold, Israel is still in trouble.

Now if Obama was to endorse the Kadima proposals by allowing Israel to keep 7% of the West Bank and rejecting the right of return, the Arabs would never accept it. So Obama will not endorse Israel’s latest offer. In fact Obama wants to force Israel to capitulate so he can show results to the Arabs and Iran.

So why is Rubin saying “the Obama administration is continuing to put a priority on maintaining strong U.S.-Israel relations”?

I don’t get it.

Read more:

'Peres wants to yield sites to Vatican'

May 4, 2009

President Shimon Peres is willing to hand over Israeli sovereignty of key Christian holy sites to the Vatican, a proposition that is reportedly opposed by Interior Minister Eli Yishai and that has ruffled feathers among other senior government officials, Army Radio reported on Monday.

According to the radio report, the president is exerting pressure on the government to give up sovereignty over six sites, including the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth, the Coenaculum on Mount Zion, Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, and the Church of the Multiplication on the Kinneret.

The report quoted Beit Hanassi as saying that talks had been going on long enough, and that the time had come to compromise with the Vatican and come to an agreement.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Obama revelling in U.S. power unseen in decades";

Fri May 1, 2009 9:47pm BST
By Steve Holland

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Barack Obama is revelling in presidential power and influence unseen in Washington for decades.

Barely 100 days in office, the U.S. president and his Democratic Party have firm control over the White House and Congress and the ability to push through ambitious plans.

Now, with the coming retirement of a Supreme Court justice clearing the way for him to appoint a successor, Obama already is assured a legacy at the top of all three branches of government -- executive, legislative and judicial.

On the corporate front, the federal government's pumping of billions of dollars in bailout money into banks and auto companies has given Obama the power to force an overhaul in those industries, a remarkable intervention in capitalist industries by the state.

Americans are giving him leeway as well. His job approval ratings are well over 60 percent, giving him political capital to undertake big challenges.

His political opponents, the Republicans, are in disarray, reduced in numbers and engaged in an internal struggle over how to recover from devastating election losses in 2006 and last year.
Experts speak of Obama in the same league as such transformational presidents as Democrat Franklin Roosevelt, who led the United States through the Great Depression and World War Two, and Republican Ronald Reagan, who led the country to victory in the Cold War.

"I cannot in my memory remember a time when a president of the United States has had more influence," said Democratic strategist Doug Schoen, who worked in the Clinton White House. Continued...
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