Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When Will Barack Obama Stop Fudging It?

By Simon Heffer Last Updated: 7:33AM BST 25 May 2009

Barack Obama's reluctance to begin confronting difficult decisions is creating the impression that his administration is simply hoping for the best, says Simon Heffer.

A week ago, Barack Obama spoke at the graduation ceremony for students at the Roman Catholic university of Notre Dame in Indiana,...What followed was a classic Obama manoeuvre. With protesters heckling him from the audience, and many graduands having boycotted the ceremony because of the President's support for abortion, Mr Obama simply appealed for understanding on both sides...He had not changed his views at all...

The cracks were starting to show in the days before he went to Notre Dame. Having been roundly attacked for undermining those who sought to defend America against its enemies, the President suddenly reversed his campaign pledge to scrap military tribunals for trying terrorist detainees, which brought howls of protest from liberals who had supported him.

He also studiously avoided becoming involved in an increasingly acrimonious argument between Nancy Pelosi, his fellow Democrat and Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the CIA,...

On a related foreign policy theme, Jewish groups in America who urged support for the President last year are signalling their sense of betrayal at what they believe is his support for a two-state solution in the Middle East...all this has left is uncertainty.

In the legislature, the delivery of campaign promises is proving difficult despite the President's party having clear majorities in both the House and the Senate...Just how little he has got to grips with it was shown at his first cabinet meeting, held five weeks ago...

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