Saturday, May 23, 2009

Obama Says The Right Things, But Does The Wrong Things

President Calls For Common Ground, But Rams Pro-Abortion Policies Down America’s Throat

By Herb Denenberg, The Bulletin
Friday, May 22, 2009

Excerpt (highlight added):

If I had to describe President Barack Obama in one sentence, I’d say that he usually says the right things, but usually does the wrong things. His flowery rhetoric has little relationship to his cactus-like reality. Take his recent speech at the University of Notre Dame graduation.

He talked about opening hearts and minds to those who don’t think precisely as we do. He talked about finding common ground. You’ve got to touch hearts and minds...

But that’s just Obama rhetoric. He started implementing his radical pro-abortion, pro-infanticide agenda the minute he became president. Almost immediately he brought the U.S. taxpayer back into the racket of funding overseas abortion. He authorized the destruction of human embryos at home. He loaded his administration with the most pro-abortion appointees he could find. This was his radical pro-abortion reflex at work.

There was no reaching out. There was no attempt to touch hearts and minds. There was no attempt to achieve some sort of bipartisanship consensus or dialogue. He rammed those pro-Obama measures through with no reaching out, no dialog, no common ground and none of the other rhetorical flowers. He didn’t even try to fake bipartisanship. He talks it, but never makes the most minor moves in the direction of bipartisanship. The gap between talk and reality is so extreme it defies rational explanation.

Mr. Obama ploughs ahead with his pro-abortion, pro-infanticide agenda, as he always does. His record as Illinois state senator, U.S. senator, candidate for president, and elected president is all the same — the most radical pro-abortion agenda and pro-infanticide policy of any president in our history and of any politician on the scene today. He is so extreme he even makes the infamous pro-choice types such as Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., look pro-choice by comparison.

As Illinois state senator, he even voted against the “Born Alive Infant Act,” which would have given infants born alive after a botched abortion the right to medical care. He led the battle against that law. He alone spoke against it. He stood for infanticide and murder then, and there’s no reason to believe his views have changed, however perfumed and powdered up to camouflage his real intentions and policies.

He supported and still supports the “Freedom of Choice Act,” which would wipe out all restrictions on abortion, even something as sensible as parental notification laws. He has advocated partial birth abortion. He never met a restriction on abortion he liked. His record led one critic to observe that Mr. Obama seems to think the main purpose of the U.S. Constitution is to facilitate abortion...

Yes, he usually says the right thing, but usually proceeds to do the wrong thing. If that doesn’t fully describe President Obama, I’d offer another description that might help: He has the talking disease, which means that he always wants to talk even though such talk will clearly be in vain. Take his recent press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the situation in the Middle East...

Words make a difference and his words provide little hope and no change for the better. The great speechmaker ought to say what he means. But more importantly, those who listen to his speeches ought to get by the flowery flourishes and rhetorical riches, and look carefully at meaning. When you hear an accomplished orator, many are carried along by the rhythm of his style and speech with little analysis of his meaning.

I have a feeling if the audience at Notre Dame University had given the content of the speech real attention rather than the quality of his speaking ability, and would have considered the record of the speaker, they would not have cheered and clapped. They would have realized they were hearing someone in total opposition to some of the most fundamental tenets of the Catholic Church and other religions as well, and someone who in practice has little respect for those tenets and their views.

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Obama Says The Right Things, But Does The Wrong Things

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