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Devvy Kidd
June 27, 2011

Reprinted in full, emphasis added:

Warning: Explicit language

A man sent me an email after my last column on the queering of America's churches saying I shouldn't be so explicit in my use of words. Wrong. This country needs some reality and not just more propaganda wrapped up in fuzzy, politically correct words like "gay." Oh, John and Bill are wonderful gays. Sam and Tom are gay. Well, exactly what does that mean? That the sum total of their sexual preferences are kissing and holding hands? Do people understand how they are being manipulated by words, images and repeated lies?

Is describing what homosexuals do offensive? I have yet to hear one single person say that having sex in someone else's rectum and feces is normal and healthy. Criticizing the filthy practice of sodomy is called "hate speech." How else should one describe sodomy practiced by "gays"? Perhaps I should call it buggery, but it doesn't change the act.

Late Friday night, June 24, 2011, New York became the sixth state of the Union to "legalize" marriage for sexual deviants. The world was immediately flooded with live media feeds of debauchery in several major cities. New York City saw "lots of celebrations." Men who have sex in each other's feces were kissing and groping. Females who slobber in each other's vaginas and other perversions, kissing and hugging. I find that highly offensive. Oh, I know the old argument on this issue about "tolerance" - especially from Libertarians. My personal opinion, which always gets me in trouble with libertarians, is that they confuse licentiousness with liberty.

The cultural war regarding sexual deviants has been waged with increased fervor since AIDS came to the attention of the American people. THAT is when the push really began for "tolerance" and "social justice" regarding sexual deviants. A deadly disease that was infecting and killing thousands spread by men having dangerous sex. Of course, the spread of AIDS and HIV could have come to a near complete stop had men stopped the practice of sodomy. They didn't back in the 80s, and, sadly, the rest is history.

Four Republicans sold out to promote the death of Western civilization and a nation which used to adhere to Christian and moral standards. They need to be booted out of the NY State Senate in 2012: James Alesi, Roy McDonald, Stephen Saland, and Mark Grisanti.

"Sen. Mark Grisanti, a GOP freshman from Buffalo who also had been undecided, also voted for the bill. Grisanti said he could not deny anyone what he called basic rights. "I apologize to those I offend," said Grisanti, a Roman Catholic. "But I believe you can be wiser today than yesterday. I believe this state needs to provide equal rights and protections for all its residents," he said." Grisanti is a Catholic in name only because he spit in God's face with his vote. It was a no brainer morally bankrupt Gov. Andrew Cuomo would sign the bill calling it "social justice."

"Social justice" is just more communist propaganda. I know I'm repeating myself, but it is and has been for more than eight decades the goal of the communists and let me quote Jeri Lynn Ball from her book, Masters of Seduction:

"Communist masters who ran the “former” Soviet Union and East Bloc nations during the Cold War are still in control of these hapless countries today and that they are waging psychological warfare, using the same powerful secret weapon to subjugate Americans that they used to enslave their own people. The Russian totalitarians, Red Chinese, and their globalist American “partners” are using this secret ideological weapon, among other things, to achieve world domination....

"Nikolai Bukharin had previously written “that the revolution's principle task was to ‘alter people's actual psychology.’” In 1928 Bukharin stated that “one of the first priorities is the question of the systematic preparation of new men, the builders of [totalitarian] socialism.” In his book, Soviet Civilization, Andrei Sinyavsky states that the “idea of the new man is the cornerstone of Soviet civilization.”

The communists have never wavered from their goals:

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."

27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion.

Change the way people think and believe. Destroy the traditional family and marriage between only a man and woman. Replace with two daddys or two mommies. Promote and condone, as the United States government is doing at every level, the filth of sodomy and all the horrible diseases suffered by sodomites. Sell "gay" regarding lesbians to soften the abomination they commit in God's eyes. Remember: Communism can only flourish in a Godless country; take a good long look at China and North Korea. Next came allowing sexual deviants to adopt precious children and brain wash them with the big lie: Born that way. Sexual deviants adopting children is child abuse condoned by political animals in the state houses more worried about votes from a small minority with an agenda than the welfare of children.

Marriage for more than 5,000 years has always been between a man and woman, not sexual deviants. The psychological warfare that has been underway in this country for decades has been successful in distracting the American people from the core issue regarding sexual deviants and so called "social justice." Throughout history, men who have sex in each other's rectums and feces were identified as homosexuals or queers. They still are and the Internet is replete with web sites proclaiming "We're queer and we're here."

In order to take the stench away from what homosexuals do and the horrible number of preventable deaths from AIDS in the early 80s, clever marketing began in earnest. Homosexuals were now "gay" due to their "sexual orientation." The first really big battle came in 1992 when the voters passed Amendment Two out in Colorado that would would have prohibited "all legislative, executive, or judicial action at any level of state or local government designed to protect the status of persons based on their 'homosexual, lesbian or bisexual orientation, conduct, practices or relationships'."

Of course, lawsuits followed and a preliminary injunction from the trial court prevented the will of the people from ever being law. That injunction was upheld by the Colorado Supreme Court, who along with the trial court, sided saying the rights of sexual deviants was violated regarding participation in the political process. All based on a lie: Born that way.

Next up in the judicial cesspool we had Lawrence v Texas. A total set up to test sodomy laws here in Texas. I read Sex Appealed: "Sex Appealed: Was the US Supreme Court Fooled?"
by Judge Janice Law. She accurately describes how sexual deviants staged a sodomy event so they would be arrested. Now, this is important: If you read no other book on this, read How to Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary by Dr. Edwin Vieira. It's not one of this 1,000 page tomes, but it is critical in understanding how the courts have driven a stake through the heart of traditional morals in this country. Oh, and that other "out dated" argument about God calling sodomy and women who defile their bodies with each other as an abomination.

READ that book to clearly and fully understand what that U.S. Supreme Court did to this country AND the subversion of our laws. Part I of Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary is: The Illegitimate Insinuation of Foreign Law and Amorialty Into America's Constitutional Jurisprudence. For those conservatives who think Sandra Day O'Connor was a "great" justice of the Supreme Court, I submit that you don't have a clue. Quoting from page 26: "On the other side, Justice O'Connor did not deny that homosexuality is a voluntarily chosen lifestyle..."

There you have it. It doesn't matter sodomites and lesbians are not "born that way" as screeched by the sluttish pop diva "Lady" Gaga. I guarantee you that once you are finished with Edwin's book, you will have a complete education on our rotten judicial system and why favorable decisions to promote sexual deviants is rampant. SHAME on the "conservative" Republicans in the Outlaw Congress (most still in office) who have done nothing to throw activist federal judges off the bench when they've had complete control of Congress over the Democrats.

Is the battle over just because New York has passed such a toxic "law"? Can it be challenged? Yes, but it won't be easy. First, there are religious exemptions.

But, how about business owners who refuse to recognize "same sex marriage"? Let's say Countryside Bank (fictional name) in Madison, NY refuses to open a bank account for Mr. and Mr. Sexual Deviants because the owners of the bank refuse to flush their moral code down the commode. Or, a family who owns a motel refuses to rent a room for the night for Mr. and Mr. or Mrs. and Mrs. Sexual Deviant. The first thing that will happen is the America hating ACLU will jump in and sue. That is why you must read How to Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary.

Every member of every state legislature who is against the massive effort to normalize sodomy, lesbian sex and "same sex" marriage needs to read that book. If you're a state legislator, buy ten copies and give them to your colleagues because I guarantee you: that very small minority will not stop until they are stopped once and for all.

Legislators must understand how foreign law is being used to usurp the rights of the states and their citizens on this issue. If I had the money, I would send a copy to every Republican in all 50 state houses along with a copy of a factual scientific analysis proving "born that way" is a lie: This is the Way God Made Me'- A Scientific Examination of Homosexuality and the 'Gay Gene'

The whole argument for sexual deviants is "civil rights" and "born that way". In the article above, that propaganda is shredded by scientific truth, not politically correct propaganda and THAT is the hammer that must be used in fighting back the massive push to legalize marriage between sexual deviants. This isn't about "social justice" or "marriage equality" it's about lies promoting filthy and dangerous sexual preferences.

I refuse to use the word "gay" when writing about sexual deviants. I will never recognize "same sex" marriage and I don't care how many laws get passed by some legislature or the Outlaw Congress. If you play the game by the enemies rules, they win. If you don't understand past court rulings by activist judges, legislatures will not be able to defeat bills and the same applies for future lawsuits that will come from sexual deviants marrying in another state and then coming back to the one they reside in and demand New York's law be upheld. It goes without saying that NY will become a magnet for sexual deviants from other states getting "married". This is going to be a nightmare that needs to be fought with the right legal argument. The American people also need to stop electing the same damn "conservative" representatives to the Outlaw Congress who do nothing about impeaching activist judges who use foreign laws in our court system.

Starve the sponsors. Earlier this month, "Gay" Pride Week in Boston paraded in the streets; photos here. Think those types of parades will only stay in the big cities like SF and Boston? Think again. Where was Cardinal Se├ín O’Malley from the Archdiocese of Boston? The only response to the toxic "same sex" marriage "law" in New York from the Catholic Church was they found it "disturbing". By all that's holy, Cardinal O'Malley should have been out there on the street at that parade denouncing sin!

Starve the sponsors. This is a list of corporations that put big bucks into sponsoring sexual deviants and supporting their agenda. If you don't make your voice heard through your purchasing power, nothing will change. Add Home Depot to the list.

As for the issue of hating homosexuals and lesbians, that is not in my heart. I feel pity and great sadness for those who have been lured into a dangerous and immoral "alternative lifestyle." I hope you can read the uplifting story below about Michael Glatze and why he left the homosexual lifestyle.

Licentiousness: sexually unrestrained; lascivious; libertine; lewd. Unrestrained by law or general morality; lawless; immoral.


"'Gay'-rights leader quits homosexuality
AIDS Rate 50 Times Higher in Homosexual Men

Center for Disease Control

1- The risks of sodomy and lesbian sex
2- The Queering of America's Churches
3- The Queering of our military and God's wrath
4- Disease-tainted Gay Blood Threatens Our Troops
5- An excellent read: The Pink Swastika - 4th Edition"

Biblical Perspective: Moral Decline Ahead. Prophecy Comes Alive

War Is in the Air

By David Solway

Reprinted. Emphasis added

When one surveys the world situation, one cannot react with anything but intense disquiet and apprehension. The premonition of imminent catastrophe cannot be shunted aside as unthinkable or as the capricious imaginings of the congenitally unstable. War is in the air, as it was in 1914 and 1939, before the actual outbreak of hostilities. And the flashpoints are instantly discernible, namely, the Middle East and the South Asian theater. The sequel appears to be pretty much inevitable.

In a certain sense, assigning blame for the coming eruption is a useless enterprise. Al-Qaeda and the Iranian Shi’ite regime are only acting in character; they are the carnivores of the current political world and cannot be expected to begin acting like herbivores. They have openly declared their intentions many times over and have given every indication of being willing to use nuclear weapons once they control or develop them. Those of us who downplay the utter fanaticism of Twelver Shi’a theology or the visceral savagery and determination of al-Qaeda—both Iran and al-Qaeda may be plausibly defined as “non-rational adversaries”—are living in the flimsiest of bubbles. Russia and China have regularly collaborated with the potential “slayers of mankind” as it is in their nature to do. The former is concerned with supply-profit, the latter with energy demands, and both with the purpose of further weakening the United States. Their lack of forethought is endemic and incurable. As for the feeble European democracies, they cannot do other than posture and appease in the face of an approaching firestorm. That is part of their genome.

But if responsibility for the gathering storm is to be ascribed, it is to the United States of America, in virtue of its pre-eminent position on the global stage and of its failure, under the most dangerous and politically corrupted president in its history, to address the looming threat. For the U.S. until recently was the only nation in the world that enjoyed the power, the means, the legitimacy and the authority to avert the coming disaster, but has now abdicated that responsibility. Indeed, its conduct in the international arena has been entirely myopic and counter-productive.

Its Libyan intervention is a blatant misadventure, without a clear and sustained strategy and in violation of the War Powers Resolution and the Constitution. Its levying of sanctions against Iran is a mordant joke and has had no effect on deterring the mullahs in their quest for nuclear weapons and the development of a long-range delivery system. Its support of the misnamed Arab Spring has led to the credible prospect of an anti-American and anti-Israeli Muslim Brotherhood regime assuming power in Egypt. Its pressuring Israel to make untenable concessions to the Palestinian Authority has only hardened the latter’s negotiating position and rendered the “peace process” null and void.

The absence of a strong and effective Middle East policy has facilitated the takeover of Lebanon by Hezbollah, empowered Hamas in dominating a unity government with Fatah, and permitted Turkey to drift inexorably into the Islamic orbit. And just as the U.S. had little to say about Iran’s crushing of its own people during the popular revolt of 2009, so it remains essentially mute as Syria’s Bashar Assad slaughters his own countrymen with complete impunity. After all, according to a recent statement of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Bashar Assad is a “reformer.” The comedy of terrors is literally mind-boggling.

The result of the American forfeiture of its political will, practical intelligence and moral inheritance
, as it grows increasingly to resemble the political caricature that goes by the name of the European Union, is all too predictable. It means that there are only two countries in the world left to meet the Islamic nuclear menace: India, which will have to deal with Pakistan in the event that al-Qaeda gains control of the country’s nuclear capability; and Israel, which at tremendous cost to itself will have little choice but to act against a nuclearizing Iran and its terrorist proxies.

There is no point in deluding ourselves any longer or smugly dismissing apocalyptic scenarios as mere unbridled fear-mongering. War is going to break out in the Middle East, possibly later this year and almost certainly in 2012, and eventually in South Asia. There is a stark likelihood that these may be WMD wars. For if Israel is targeted by Hezbollah’s 40,000-50,000 missiles, some of which are reported to be fitted with chemical and biological payloads and which can reach every corner of the country, it may need to reply in cataclysmic kind in order to survive. Abandoned by its American ally and left to its own resources, it may quite simply have no alternative, unless it agrees to commit national suicide. Despite the promising development of the Arrow anti-ballistic missile program, neither preemption—known in customary international law as “anticipatory self-defense”—nor second-strike reprisal can be ruled out. And if the U.S.-subsidized but unreliable Pakistani regime with its estimated 70-90 nuclear warheads goes rogue, with the finger of al-Qaeda on the nuclear button, India too may have no option but to respond in the same manner.

These two potential war zones are heating up. The Japanese Sankei Shimbun newspaper reveals that North Korea dispatched 160 nuclear experts to Iran in May, and Fars News Agency reports on Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardan’s recent visit Tehran to discuss “a vast range of issues.” We can readily imagine what some of these topics will be. Between Iran and Pakistan falls the shadow.

True, the Korean peninsula is also a potential war zone, but despite the North’s aggressive rheteoric and occasional acts of belligerence, it will be restrained by China for which a peninsular war on its borders is not in its interests. North Korea’s mischief making is mainly confined to the export of its nuclear technology and expertise to Iran and Syria. The Middle East and South Asia remain the epicenters of the approaching upheavals.

There is a slight chance that we may emerge from the present inflammable circumstances if we are providentially given two gifts: more time, and a new, vigorous and wiser American administration. Otherwise, those of us who are not immediately and physically implicated would have only one hope, that the carnage stays localized. But there is no guarantee that this will be the case. And we will then have deserved whatever calamity is inflicted upon us for our blindness, self-deception, anemic leadership and languid inactivity in the face of what might have been prevented.

The writing is on the wall and it does not take a Daniel to interpret it.

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Radioactive Dust From Japan Hit North America 3 Days After Meltdown

But Governments "Lied" About Meltdowns and Radiation
by Washington's Blog
Global Research


Mainichi Daily reports today:

Radioactive materials spewed out from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant reached North America soon after the meltdown and were carried all the way to Europe, according to a simulation by university researchers...

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen notes that Seattle residents breathed in an average of 5 "hot particles" a day in April:..

(No, the levels of radiation are not safe.)...

Arnie Gundersen has said that Fukushima is the worst industrial accident in history, and has 20 times more radiation than Chernobyl...

Realize Chernobyl was one core’s worth radiation causing a $200 billion accident and it is still on- going. Here we have 20 cores worth of radiation. Three totally melted, one damaged and the [rest in] spent fuel pumps, 20 cores worth of highly radioactive materials.

Full Story

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Time Magazine relegates Constitution to dust bin - by A Martin

Anthony Martin
National Conservative Examiner

"The Liberty Sphere

Reprinted in full. Emphasis added:

In the most blatant display of anti-Americanism to date for a news magazine, the erudite and the eloquent of the intelligentsia of Time Magazine have relegated the U.S. Constitution to the dust bin of history, suggesting that it is no longer relevant.

The disgusting display was featured as a cover story, 'Does the Constitution Still Matter? '

To most thinking people the question is tantamount to asking about the relevance of the Magna Carta or the Emancipation Proclamation. After all, the U.S. does not face the same circumstances. There are no slaves to be freed, for example.

But to the geniuses at Time the Constitution is to be questioned because the Founders 'could not have envisioned the Great Depression, two World Wars, space exploration, or Lady Ga Ga.' Yes, Lady Ga Ga.

The fact that the Constitution is a scholarly document containing the views of the best minds of the day on timeless truths, rather than a newspaper, seemed to sail right over the pointed heads of Time's bearded, pipe-smoking elitists.

One does not have to know all about the details of life in the future to know timeless truths that pertain to all mankind in all of the vast expanse of history, from start to finish. The concepts of human freedom and inalienable rights given by God are not dependent on the mundane issues of the day. They are relevant for all time because human beings at their core forever remain the same. No matter how far civilization progresses there remains within the human heart temptations to dominate others against their will, to force others to live under restrictions that are indefensible, or to deprive others of rights simply because we may think they do not deserve it or that they are somehow inferior. Humans tend to engage in mob rule unless there is a check on such unbridled power.

The Constitution prevents government from committing these atrocities simply because all governments, in all time-periods, tend to do all of these things. The tendency of power is to gain more power. And power corrupts. This is a lesson from history that the clueless, self-appointed pedagogues at Time have clearly forgotten, if they ever knew it at all.

Barack Obama is famous for saying that the Constitution is flawed because it merely limits government from encroaching on the rights of individuals but fails to positively delineate the rights of government. The concept inherent in such a statement is that we need a rewritten Constitution or a new one that contains these rights of government.

We already have such a document. It is called 'The Communist Manifesto.'

And without the Constitution to prevent government from systematically laying siege to all of the rights of individuals, a vacuum is created that most assuredly will be filled with concepts similar to those contained in The Communist Manifesto. At that point liberty is gone forever. And Time has now thrown its weight behind that movement.