Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time Magazine relegates Constitution to dust bin - by A Martin

Anthony Martin
National Conservative Examiner

"The Liberty Sphere

Reprinted in full. Emphasis added:

In the most blatant display of anti-Americanism to date for a news magazine, the erudite and the eloquent of the intelligentsia of Time Magazine have relegated the U.S. Constitution to the dust bin of history, suggesting that it is no longer relevant.

The disgusting display was featured as a cover story, 'Does the Constitution Still Matter? '

To most thinking people the question is tantamount to asking about the relevance of the Magna Carta or the Emancipation Proclamation. After all, the U.S. does not face the same circumstances. There are no slaves to be freed, for example.

But to the geniuses at Time the Constitution is to be questioned because the Founders 'could not have envisioned the Great Depression, two World Wars, space exploration, or Lady Ga Ga.' Yes, Lady Ga Ga.

The fact that the Constitution is a scholarly document containing the views of the best minds of the day on timeless truths, rather than a newspaper, seemed to sail right over the pointed heads of Time's bearded, pipe-smoking elitists.

One does not have to know all about the details of life in the future to know timeless truths that pertain to all mankind in all of the vast expanse of history, from start to finish. The concepts of human freedom and inalienable rights given by God are not dependent on the mundane issues of the day. They are relevant for all time because human beings at their core forever remain the same. No matter how far civilization progresses there remains within the human heart temptations to dominate others against their will, to force others to live under restrictions that are indefensible, or to deprive others of rights simply because we may think they do not deserve it or that they are somehow inferior. Humans tend to engage in mob rule unless there is a check on such unbridled power.

The Constitution prevents government from committing these atrocities simply because all governments, in all time-periods, tend to do all of these things. The tendency of power is to gain more power. And power corrupts. This is a lesson from history that the clueless, self-appointed pedagogues at Time have clearly forgotten, if they ever knew it at all.

Barack Obama is famous for saying that the Constitution is flawed because it merely limits government from encroaching on the rights of individuals but fails to positively delineate the rights of government. The concept inherent in such a statement is that we need a rewritten Constitution or a new one that contains these rights of government.

We already have such a document. It is called 'The Communist Manifesto.'

And without the Constitution to prevent government from systematically laying siege to all of the rights of individuals, a vacuum is created that most assuredly will be filled with concepts similar to those contained in The Communist Manifesto. At that point liberty is gone forever. And Time has now thrown its weight behind that movement.

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