Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Israel, Europe, Middle east and Obama Intersect- What It May Portend about the Future

Obama Outsources the Holocaust
by Sultan Knish

Obama's planned photo op stop at the site of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp is all the more repulsive when you consider that his administration has become the primary enabler of those who would like to repeat the final solution.

From the Holocaust denying and Holocaust planning Ahmadinejad, to Venezuela's dictator Chavez, whose anti-semitic rants have contributed to attacks against Jews, to Hamas, whose covenant demands uncompromisingly the destruction of Israel-- Obama has made it his mission to try and befriend dictators and regimes who think that Buchenwald did not go far enough.

The Holocaust happened because of a two way relationship between those regimes which perpetrated it, and those which turned a blind eye to what was going on. Now Obama is repeating the same process, and while he is not building the concentration camps, he is actively enabling those who are.

And the practical distinction becomes lost amid the moral distinction.

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