Monday, August 16, 2010

A Foretaste of What's to Come?

1. Fined £150million for failing to fly the EU flag: Now British firms are told how to fight back

By Simon Mcgee
Daily Mail Online

Companies receiving European grants must display the EU flag logo on their buildings, posters and websites or face being forced to pay back funding.

2. New EU ambassador in Washington claims transatlantic authority - Telegraph
By James Kirkup and Robert Winnett

The new European Union ambassador to Washington has suggested that he will speak for Britain on foreign and security policy in America...

Joao Vale de Almeida was this week formally installed as the EU's ambassador to the US, and suggested that American officials should regard him as their first point of contact for transatlantic discussions...

The new ambassador claimed to now be 'leading the show' among European representatives in Washington. The prospect of an EU official speaking for the UK to its most important ally has angered eurosceptics, who said it shows Britain's waning influence...

Mr Vale de Almeida has stressed to Washington officials and politicians that under the EU's' Lisbon Treaty, he has more power than his predecessors. 'I'm the first new type of ambassador for the European Union anywhere in the world,' he said. 'I'm supposed to have a wider mandate than my predecessors.' Mr Vale de Almeida said: 'Our delegations now cover a wide spectrum of issues well beyond the economic dimension, trade dimension and regulatory dimension, to cover all policies in the union, including foreign policy and security policy...

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