Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coming Elections Will not Undo Obama Carnage of USA - Lame Cherry

Lame Cherry

The coming elections as this blog had warned years ago is not going to fix the destruction B. Hussein Obama has inflicted upon America and her allies.

Bankruptcy, massive debt, Brzezinski Islamic terrorism, Putin and Chicom aggression, Persian Islamocommunism, OPEC energy dependence, Narco Communist South American despots, a gutted US banking and production sector, with increasing problems in the agriculture division and Americans becoming more ill daily in poisoned food, are not going to disappear no matter if an 'undo Obama' law is passed.

The money is gone, the industry is gone and America is gone. That will not change in a GOP take over and it will not change if Obama is in prison or in the White House.

The chessboard is a region of exploiting weakness to one's advantage. The advantage in all of this was put into play by the European cartel financiers as they have a purpose to rule the world again from a European empire with Jerusalem as the capital...

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