Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Barack Obama and His Glory Days Are Past

Canada Free Press
By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Americans are not quitters. Barack Obama and all of his thugs shall be ousted from the seat of government, because there is a meeting underfoot somewhere which will be sure to put them out of office...

In many corners of this nation and of the world, also, America’s darling child, Obama, has already worn down his phony welcoming smile and rambunctious swagger. The world has had a chance to take a good long hard look at our man in the White House and many do not much like what they see looking back...

After a mere—fully—a mere short time in office, Obama has found out how necessary it is for him to have had the right experience for such a huge responsibility...

Never in all my years have I witnessed such a blatant attack by any President of the United States of America to come down on the American people themselves. It is as if voters had brought in an outsider and handed him the reins while they tried to settle on a real candidate. And, that is just what has been done. That is, by those who had fallen for his spiel...

Democrats have changed our language and many Republicans and Independents in the church and out on the street corners have joined in to cheer them on. Democrats now speak of
... “morals” as being the right of a woman to murder babies in the womb,
....and they also encourage people to rush to bury the sick and elderly in an early tomb.
....They do not hesitate to call truth a lie and a lie their truth. They do not hesitate to call wrong right and right wrong. .
...In the same vein, they do not honor the physical differences that separate a male from a female person and a boy from a girl. In their mad rush to destroy America, they spew their ungodly perverse lifestyles in the pathways of our children’s young minds and teach them that whatever they want to do is perfectly all right because there are no boundaries and there is no accountability to anybody but to themselves.
...And then they legislate their filth into law, as if that makes it all right.

But it is not all right and anybody with an ounce of character, faith in God, and a little knowledge and wisdom ought not be ashamed or afraid to say we will not be deterred from God’s way.

If this is America, then we need to apologize to our forefathers and ancestors for what she has become. ..

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