Wednesday, June 3, 2009

America's Moral Compass

America's Moral Compass
American Daily Review
Tuesday, June 2, 2009 at 11:11PM
By Douglas V. Gibbs


The leftist Democrats constantly try to overcompensate their claimed beliefs in heartland American values, portraying themselves as a party of the people, proclaiming their humble origins, blue-collar beginnings, and religious convictions. Such hypocrisy.
Their positions continuously oppose American values, despite how much they try to convince us otherwise...

America’s greatness is a direct result of America’s strong moral compass. Our moral values as a people demands high standards of right and good conduct. The direction of societal behavior is in direct relation to our moral belief system. Our moral beliefs, in turn, directly affects our overall culture, and political system...

The liberals support the genocidal murder of innocent, unborn lives, calling it “choice” to justify the horrific murderous practice. They support the destruction of the traditional family and the silencing of those of faith that would speak out against the radical homosexual agenda - and they call it a civil rights movement, rather than call it what it is: an attempt to justify a behavior that has long been considered an abnormality. The liberals have used the courts to override the moral compass of the American people. They have used the schools to indoctrinate our children to teach them to reject America’s moral compass. They have assaulted us with a pop-culture of sex that is plagued with promiscuity, disease, and is pushed by the biased media and entertainment industry. And they do this in the name of change and hope… but what they are really doing is destroying morality in America...

This nation was founded on strong moral values, and America prospered because we always used our moral compass as our guide. And now we are at a crossroads. Our ...

The trueness of the direction of our moral compass must be apparent. Our morals must cry out in the actions of our heroes, those soldiers and sailors that serve to protect us, and in our decisions as individuals in this great nation under God...

The moral compass of America is crucial to defend, for if it falls, so does America.
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