Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Obama's hostility to Israel is clear

Obama's hostility to Israel is clear
Richard Baehr

Reprinted in full, highlight added

The Obama administration seems to have fallen into a pattern: the more outrageous the behavior of the Iranian regime, the more Obama lashes out at... Israel.

Yesterday, a State Department official confirmed that for the Obama administration, any part of Jerusalem beyond the pre Six Day War boundary is occupied territory. Hence Jews living there are in settlements, which Obama considers illegal. Of course that means, there can be no natural growth -- babies, marriages in these areas, and Israel will need to remove its setters to get a peace deal.

Think about this for a minute; with the exception of 19 years when Jordan illegally occupied and annexed the West Bank and East Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967, Jews have lived continually in the old city and in and around Jerusalem for 3,000 years. But because of those 19 years, the Obama administration considers the Jews to be interlopers, illegally in the city.

This is not Obama promoting a way to have a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem as part of a final settlement between the two sides. This is about making large sections of Jerusalem Judenrein. That is now the policy of the Obama administration.

If you can not get the message about Obama and his hostility to Israel, you are really trying hard not to see it. Those who shilled for Obama and his pro-Israel bona fides during the campaign should be ashamed. This is not the GOP versus Democrats. This is about one Democrat -- the most powerful one, Barack Obama -- and his hostility to Israel.

Here is a test proposed by someone I know: on every policy issue concerning Israel, the Palestinians, the Muslim world, and Iran, try to think how an American President who was Muslim and trying to advance Muslim interests would behave. Then consider what Obama has done so far. Tell me if you can see any difference between the two.

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