Sunday, June 1, 2008

Germany: Our responsibility for Holocaust commits us to Israel

Germany: Our role in Holocaust commits us to Israel
Germany's foreign minister pledged on Thursday to stand up for the security of Israel and...
Steinmeier said relations between Germany and Israel would always be special, adding that defending the existence and the security of the state of Israel had to remain a constant feature of German foreign policy.
Germany has proven a staunch ally of Israel and often has stressed the historical responsibility for the country, due to its own role in the Nazi Holocaust. "From the responsibility for the past grows the commitment for the future," Steinmeier said in a speech in Berlin's restored Reichstag building.
He also underlined Germany's desire to do more to help advance efforts to bring peace to the Middle East.

Read the entire post and in the light of history and biblical prophecies concerning the role to be played by the revived holy Roman Empire in the end times, read between the lines.

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