Thursday, June 19, 2008

Britain Ratifies EU Treaty

Britain's Parliament Ratifies EU Treaty Despite Irish Rejection
Voice of America
- Jun 19, 2008
By VOA News
Britain's parliament has ratified the European Union treaty despite Ireland's rejection of the document last week. British Prime Minister Gordon ...

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Royal assent for EU treaty

Czechs put ratifying of EU: The treaty cannot take force until all EU states approve it and there are signs that the Irish government will come under pressure to call a second referendum.

EU Leaders Tinker With Treaty as Soaring Prices Spur Protests In the EU's high councils, Czech President Vaclav Klaus wants to declare the treaty dead. German Foreign Minister Frank- Walter Steinmeier sees the rest of Europe moving ahead without Ireland. Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn expects the Irish to vote again -- this time, ``yes.''

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