Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brown is preparing to break the law over Ireland’s EU vote

The last three years have shown that the Lisbon Treaty is not necessary to carry out EU business. The machine has kept going just as before. It copes fine with 27 states.
(This is of course no surprise to those of us who witnessed the original drafting of this treaty - then the Constitution - and know perfectly well that it has almost nothing to do with “streamlining” the EU institutions, let alone removing the EU from the “nooks and crannies” of national life as originally proclaimed in the Laeken Declaration.

It was an attempt to lock in the structure of a European state - giving the Court of Justice vastly increased powers - before the new countries arrived from Eastern Europe, making any such gambit impossible.

The Brussels integrationist knew it was their last chance. They rolled the dice and lost when the French and the Dutch said no. They rolled again with Lisbon, and lost again last week. Now they are playing seriously dirty).

If the intentions were honest, the EU could simply accept the Irish verdict, recognise that this is not a useful exercise, and ditch the treaty. Almost none of the 500m million citizens would shed a tear. Life would go on.

Instead, Brussels, Paris, Berlin - and London, I am ashamed to say - are pressing ahead with reckless arrogance and stupidity.The markets may not have reacted yet to Ireland’s NO but the actions of the EU-elite are opening the way for a political showdown that will indeed have financial consequences.

As Italy’s finance minister said over the weekend, Europe risks degenerating into “fascism” in the next economic downturn. Indeed it does. Its actions over Ireland already smack of fascism...

Full article: Brown is preparing to break the law over Ireland’s EU vote
By Chris Brown
This was taken from the Blog site of Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, though much of the content could have been written by one of our own. At long last its beginning to look as if people are waking up to the reality that is the EU! ...The British National Party News... -
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