Sunday, June 15, 2008

Luxemburg PM, veteran EU Dealmaker forcasts the emergence of a two-speed Europe

France urges pursuing EU treaty
But Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, a veteran EU deal-maker, was downbeat, forecasting the emergence of a two-speed Europe in which a small grouping of EU states would develop policy initiatives by themselves.
"Given that it is increasingly hard to get all states moving together, probably the only thing left is a 'Club of the Few,' " said Juncker, who is a contender for the powerful EU president post to be formed under the treaty.

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Brown left sweating over EU treaty: analysts
Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been left with a big headache over the government's plans to ratify a key European Union reform treaty following its rejection by Irish voters in a referendum.

Opponents demanding a popular vote on the Lisbon Treaty here said that Ireland's "no" vote on the document meant Brown should now relent and call a referendum...

Gordon Brown would have been home and dry if Ireland had voted 'yes'," he told AFP.
"The treaty would have gone through in Ireland and then in Britain. The question now is whether Brown is going to press ahead with ratifying it and look totally arrogant?"

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