Saturday, February 28, 2009

USA and rest of World Crisis Update 28 February 2009


Obama Forum: The Scary Tactics to Quash Obama Dissent
Obamanots Begin Tyranny Tactics on Capitalism: Vile Attacks and Threats against Publishers
The Obama Steamroller: Is Resistance Futile?
'We Will Recover' - Obama...No We Won't Says Celente
Obama's 'We Will Recover' Pipe Dream
Fraud Obama's Non-Withdrawal Withdrawal Plan
Obama In Running For Nobel Peace Prize (Total Fraud)
Barky Rolls Out A $3.5 Trillion Budget
Obama's 3 Big Lies
Obama Under Fire
Howls Of Protest Greet Obama's $4T Budget
Airbrushing Obama's name off earmarks
CPAC and Obama’s Birth Certificate


US Economy Shrinks Fastest In 26 Years
Watch Now As Pension Funds Get Vaporized
Moody's - Defaults Will Exceed Depression Peaks
GM Crisis Talks After $31B Loss
Call To Split Off General Motors Europe
Sallie Mae Down 31% On Loan Move
Wall St Falls Again On Grim Data

Other Countries
Lloyds Confirms £10.8B HBOS Loss
60,000 Workers Face Axe At RBS And Lloyds
Future 'Bleak' - Ex German Vice-Chancellor
East Europe Banks Set For ¤24.5B Loan
Indonesia Sells $3B Debt At Discount
Malaysia's Economic Growth Slumps To 0.1%
India's GDP Growth Slows To 5.3%
Swedish GDP Plunges 4.9% In 4Q
Dostoevsky And The Jewish Bankers
RBS Faces 95% State Ownership
'Impossible' To Know How Much Needed To Save Banks
Depression In East Points Way For World
Hungary On Edge Of Bankruptcy
Japan To Intervene - Nikkei Hits 20 Yr Low
Brown Bankrupting Britain
Who Wrecked Your World Economy

Moral Meltdown
UN Convention on Rights of Children (CRC): The Key Points This would essentially eliminate the Parental Rights; the Government will be the de facto parens!
AP Source: Obama to rescind Bush abortion rule (AP)

John Kinsman: Nation's Food System Nearly Broke
...disaster threatens family farmers and their communities...Our food system is nearly broke, which is almost as serious as our country's financial meltdown...Despite the magnitude of this food emergency, the "farm crisis" does not appear in headlines...

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Prepare to meet your God (Amos 4.12)

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