Thursday, August 18, 2011

The United States of Europe: A Proposed Economic Government

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The integration of Europe is about to go to another level. As the European debt crisis deepens, there are cries all over the EU for full economic integration in Europe.

On Wednesday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel sent a letter to European Council President Herman Van Rompuy which stated that they want a new "economic government" for Europe to be formed...

While some are applauding the possibility of increased integration in the eurozone, others are warning about the potential consequences.

For example, a Daily Mail article entitled "Rise of the Fourth Reich, how Germany is using the financial crisis to conquer Europe" contained the following assessment of what deeper economic integration for Europe would mean....

This would entail a loss of sovereignty not seen in those countries since many
were under the jackboot of the Third Reich 70 years ago.

For be in no doubt what fiscal union means: it is one economic policy, one taxation
system, one social security system, one debt, one economy, one finance minister.
And all of the above would be German.

...the leaders of the EU are going to do whatever they can to keep it together. They truly believe that a fully united Europe under the banner of the EU is what is best for the continent...

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The United States Of Europe: A Proposed “Economic Government” Would Integrate Europe To A Degree Not Seen Since The Roman Empire

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