Saturday, April 23, 2011

What next for bisexual America? Think intolerant Islamists and the last days of the Roman Empire

By Grace Vuoto
World Tribune

...There is now a tacit declaration of war on gender categories altogether. Let us remake the universe in our image, argue the sexual renegades of our day...

...this pattern of behavior is not as new as it may appear. During the declining years of the Roman Empire, both homosexuality and bisexuality were in vogue, especially among the upper and ruling classes. It resulted in a general level of decay that made the Empire ripe for the taking — by cultures that placed more emphasis on military prowess and communal goals than on individual self-gratification.

History has shown that the ultimate result of collective hedonism is not greater freedom, but enslavement — to sin, vice and eventually outside enemies. Moral decay inevitably leads to social collapse...

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Will you give in to the lure of "modern morality," or will you choose God's way—
and live, with Christ's help...
Modern Morality and the Ten Commandments
The Plain Truth About Homosexuality!
"The Ten Commandments"

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