Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The sexualization of childhood continues

Pundit & Pundette

Ed Morrissey wonders, 'Is it possible to be both disgusted and jaded at the same time?' Oh yes, certainly. I do it all the time. What inspired his question is the advent of 'push-up' bikinis for little girls who have nothing to push up. I'm not surprised, either, but some very uncivil thoughts, involving images of large kettles of boiling oil, pass through my mind when I think of the people responsible for the sexualization of children.

But they wouldn't be selling it if parents weren't buying it.

Along those lines, Jennifer Moses asks, "Why Do We Let Them Dress Like That?"

  • All of which brings me to a question: Why do so many of us not only permit our teenage daughters to dress like this—like prostitutes, if we're being honest with ourselves—but pay for them to do it with our AmEx cards? [. . .]

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