Friday, December 11, 2009

EU’s Greater Involvement in Jerusalem. -

EU’s greater involvement in Jerusalem. -
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Friday, December 11, 2009

Sweden has drafted an EU plan to make east Jerusalem the future capital of the Palestinian Territory (Christian Science Monitor, December 1, 2009). However, significant negative feedback has led the EU to pull “back from a confrontation with Israel by dropping a call for east Jerusalem to be recognized as the future capital of a Palestinian state.” The draft now calls for the Palestinian territory to only “include” part of the city (Telegraph, December 8, 2009).

With tensions still high between Israel and the Palestinians, the EU appears intent on moving forward for peace in the region. Jerusalem has been at the heart of this conflict since its beginning, yet peace in Jerusalem appears a long way off.

God prophesied that, at the end of the age, Jerusalem would be a “cup of trembling” to the surrounding nations (Zechariah 12:2, KJV). Yet, at some point, military action will be taken by the King of the North to control the city (Daniel 11:30-31; Luke 21:20-24). This military occupation will ultimately last for 3.5 years (Revelation 11:2).

The real hope for true and lasting peace in the region will come when Christ returns to set up His world government in Jerusalem. In the meantime, we should all “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” and for the return of Christ to this special city (Psalm 122:6).

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