Thursday, September 17, 2009

Major International document announces :US Treasuries to DEFAULT

By DefendUSx
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Posted on September 17th, 2009 by David-Crockett
The Betrayal


The emergency crests to a new height: US Treasuries (the so called “safety haven” for retirees and investors) will be defaulting!!

This is because we tried to fix our debt problems by CREATING MORE DEBT (or better yet, selling out to the New World Order Globalist Bankers).

...The US is hiding financial insolvency (...) and we are going to get wash after wash of crisis, until we cannot even honor the treasury bills (this has already happened .. China just vacated)!!

This is serious, many people will lose every last cent, well, the idea is being floated to pay 10 cents on the dollar!! Please read the article and circulate it far and wide.

...God help and bless America.

If you believe in drinking- have a couple hard shots before you read the article- we are in serious and deep trouble…..we need to defend our borders and tell the debtors to get screwed while we rebuild WITHOUT DEBT.

Complete article (Alerte Crise Systémique Globale - Eté 2009 : Cessation de paiement du gouvernement américain )

Entire post: Major International document announces :US Treasuries to DEFAULT

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