Monday, January 26, 2009

Hyperinflation Will begin In China And It Will Destroy The Dollar

Every economic factor in China suggests an enormous wave of hyperinflation will begin early this year.
While I have written about the threats facing the dollar, this will be the event that finally ends the US's borrowing binge and destroys our currency.
Hyperinflation in China will be a monumental event
Because China makes most of the world cheap consumer goods, it will export its hyperinflation around the world. This means that no fiat/paper currencies will survive this with its purchasing power intact. Some will lose all value (dollar) while others will survive while experiencing a loss of purchasing power (yuan, euro, yen, etc...).
The only money that will retain its full value in the face of Chinese hyperinflation is gold.
China will sink the dollar to save the yuan...
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Eric deCarbonnel

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