Thursday, February 7, 2008

US Economy Freefall: No End In Sight Yet

U.S. stocks tumbled the most since Feb. 27, 2007, yesterday after the Institute for Supply Management said service industries contracted at the fastest pace since 2001, reinforcing concern the economy is in a recession...
The global market ups and downs were unprecedented...
Shares poised for dive after global pasting. ISM report signalled the economy might be in even worse condition than anticipated.
Thursday February 7, 09:00 AM
US market down amid inflation fears
An early rally has evaporated on Wall Street as inflation fears sent stock prices lower again, after a warning on price pressures from a US Federal Reserve official.
Australian stock market loses $46bn, more coming,22049,23173450-5001024,00.html?from=public_rss
Wednesday February 6, 11:07 PM
Global stocks jangled by US recession fears

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